Pinshape Awards Winners Announced!

Pinshape Awards Winners Announced!

A big thanks to over 900 of you who voted in this year’s Pinshape Awards Winners! One lucky entrant will recieve an email from us with a $100 amazon gift card. We also have a special 3D model for all of the winners to 3D print and show off to their adoring fans who voted! We will email you next week with your award. 


Top Integrated Electronics Design

Desktop Satellite Antenna by Hyperplane Interactive

This incredible Satellite Antenna can actually position itself towards celestial bodies using some impressive mechanics and integrated electronics. It was a winner in our Electronics Design Contest and your favourite integrated electronics design of the year!


Top Functional Design

The $30 3D Scanner by Daveyclk

Daveyclk is currently our Designer of the Month just in time for his Pinshape Awards win! Check out his blog post on making and using this $30 3D scanner


Top Game/Cosplay Design

Widow’s Kiss Collapsible Sniper Rifle by laellee

The Cosplay Design category was incredibly close with only 3 votes separating the first and second place winners. Laellee’s win is well deserved with this scale model of Widow’s Kiss from Overwatch. 


Top Home Living Design

Spiral Vase by BigBadBison

This relatively simple design is one of the most popular on the site. It is an easy print and makes for a great decorative vase, especially if you use techniques like filament dyeing


Top Maker


Makit blew us all away with his OpenRC tractor design and functional accessories. We’re just as impressed with his printing and photography prowess as we are with the design itself. 


Top Designer


Adafruit seems to have it all with creative and functional designs that are published with some incredible photography. If you haven’t done so already, check out their page to see for yourself. 


Top Print

Craftsman Bungalow Birdhouse by Dookie

We’re told that the lens flare in this photograph was totally accidental,but it really brings this photo to life and the Pinshape community seems to agree. This challenging print and great picture wins our top print of the year!


Top Youtuber

3D Printing Nerd

Youtube has plenty of great 3D Printing channels and the 3D Printing Nerd takes the win for the community’s favourite this year. Here’s to many more projects and high fives!


Top Printer

Form 2 by Formlabs

The Form 2 is a bit different from the other machines on our list in that it uses laser-based SLA rather than FDM. The result is more precise prints with higher surface quality and the Pinshape Community’s top printer of the year! It’s also one of the highest rated printers on our 3D printer review pages. 


Top 3D Design Software

Fusion 360 by Autodesk

Autodesk Fusion360 is a highly capable and low-cost alternative to many of the more expensive CAD packages out there. Made with hobbyists in mind, this handily won the award of top design software!


Top Material Brand


The top printer manufacturer also wins for top material manufacturer! With an impressive amount of new releases this year including engineering resins, matte materials, and a new ceramic resin; we’re excited to see what Formlabs comes out with next!


Top 3D Printing Software

Cura by Ultimaker 

Cura has been gaining traction this year with exciting developments and configurations for beginners and experts alike! We’re excited to see what this 3D slicer software has in store for 2017.


That’s a wrap! Thanks to all of those that voted and check out Pinshape to start shaping 2017’s winners. 


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