Pinshape Featured Designs – June 16th

Pinshape Featured Designs – June 16th

There’s one week to go in the Taulman 3D Print Contest! Print out and photograph any of this week’s featured designs for the chance to win free T-Glase filament! If you’re more into designing than printing, check out the Mechanical Design Contest where first prize is a Formlabs Form 2 3D Printer. 

“Subculture” Submarine by Chris Knowlton

We were blown away by this newest design by Chris Knowlton! The “Subculture” submarine was designed for ease of printing and assembly with only 4 of the components requiring supports. A great model to enter into print contests. 

The Sorceress by Louise Driggers

Louise Drigger’s newest release is great for showing off the quality of your 3D printer and doubles as a capable pen holder. As an added bonus, The Sorceress prints entirely without supports!

Call of Duty Ray Gun MK I by chris_easton

This assembly makes for a great project for your weekend. While the number of different components can be a bit intimidating, the final result is well worth the effort. 

Reaper Mask PLUS by Cosplus 

Cosplus did an incredible job with the painting and post-processing on this Reaper mask. The original design from Overwatch was remodeled to achieve a more edgy and faceted look. 

Slew Bearing Conic with Spacers by TheGoofy

Christoph Laimer’s (AKA TheGoofy) newest design is a slew bearing that’s fully functional and almost entirely printed. He’s included a full tutorial that teaches you how to design your own and goes over the basics of parametric design in Fusion360.  

1/15th Ton Jack Screw by 3DPRINTINGWORLD

This incredible assembly functions as a true jack screw and most everything can be printed side a few dowel pins needed for roller bearings. Using a 24V DC Motor, this design can lift between 150 and 200 pounds. 

That’s all for this week! Make your own designs and enter into the Mechanical Design Contest to win a Formlabs Form 2!


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