Lovey Dovey Pinshape Picks for Valentine’s Day!

Lovey Dovey Pinshape Picks for Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one, or for a best friend in celebration of Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered with some great 3D printing designs. 3D printed goodies are great for those with a nerdy/tech loving side, but with a professional finish, it can turn a 3D print into a beautiful jewelry piece that anyone will love!

These are the designs that the Pinshape staff personally think they’d like as a gift. Hopefully, this will give you some good ideas as to what to print! You’ve got a little more than a week so make it count! 


3D Printing Designs for Valentine’s Day!


Karen's FaceKaren’s Pick

Community Manager

roses 3d printing tanya wiesner pinshape 3d printing designsRoses by Tanya Wiesner

I’m a huge sucker for roses so you can guess I’m a fan of Valentine’s Day! Sadly, roses are at an all time high in terms of pricing during Valentine’s but these 3D printed roses remain constant. Also these last a LOT longer. Coming to a 3D printer near you in almost any color you can dream of (but double check the color’s meaning! I once had a guy who gave me yellow roses, which we all know are for sick grandmas). 


Wojtek’s Pickwojtek's face

Front-end Developer 
To ∞ and beyond

infinity ring 3d printing designs Infinity Love Ring by zbrushingmx

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching. Your safest bet is picking up some chocolates and flowers, but how about mixing it up a bit this year? I found a perfect gift for your Significant Other that shouldn’t take too long to print. Top it off with some chocolates (just in case) and tell your babe that you love ’em. 


nick's faceNick’s Pick

Uh oh, it’s already Valentine’s Day?

synger of love heart motif 3d printing designs

Synergy of Love Heart Motif by richard_swika

Whether you’re pressed for time and want a simple gesture of appreciation, or looking to become a DIY Hero, this is a great design for Valentine’s day. You could print a couple off and leave them in a strategic location to be found throughout the day, or you could go a little wild and create a 3D printed mold to make your very own custom chocolates out of melted chocolate chips! Just be sure to use some saran wrap on the inside of the mold before adding the chocolate to protect from the filament and you’ll be a hero!


Jibran’s Pick

SEO Specialist
El Cupido

iphone 5 3d printed case 3d printing designs

iPhone 5 Heart Stand by PTibemo 

Okay this is the perfect Valentine’s gift for any guy out there (just because it’s blue – ha!) or for anyone who has an iPhone 5 🙂 This is a heart shaped iPhone stand that is simple to print and will go perfectly with the additional presents you will be getting. By additional presents I mean the key to a black on black Porsche 911. Yeah that will do just fine and he will love you forever 🙂 


victoria's faceVictoria’s Pick

UX/UI Designer 
Love being in love

valentines 3d printing designs cookie cutter oogime

Love Birds Cookie Cutter by OogiMe

It’s typically expected for men to shower their lady friends with gifts and affection on ye olde Valentine’s Day. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to return the favour this year. Flowers and candy seem like an odd choice for women to give men—though I do know some who do this. Perhaps some nummy cookies chock-full of sugary goodness is less weird? Hmm ladies? Hmmm?? He might not be able to fully appreciate the cute lovey dovey love birds, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate the buttery, sugary deliciousness 😉 And as per usual, gentlemen, your lady would be smitten by your act of bravery in battling the kitchen stove to win her heart. SMITTEN, I say! Because.. well, effort!


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.36.00 AM

Kate’s Pick

swan vase pinshape 3d printing designs

Swan Vase by zbrushingmx

Everyone knows that swans are the symbol of true love and devotion. They only have one partner for their entire life and if their partner dies they could pass away from a broken heart. This 3D printed swan would be a great present for the person you love, and will tell your other half that your love is going to last forever.


lucas' faceLucas’ Pick

Gift box wrapper

heart jewelry box 3d printing designs

Heart jewelry box by alienkim

My pick! The Heart Jewelry Box by Alienkim. When in doubt, gift wrap your Valentine’s Day present in a 3D printed box! #beautiful. Interestingly, Alienkim just released an ebook titled ‘3D Modeling Workbook! Very cool. Congratulations!! You can check it out here on Amazon. 


Lauren’s Pick 

Content Manager 
Miss Aphrodite

heart light pinshape 3d printing designs

Heart Light by mingshiuan

I love the intricacies in this design— and she will too! 😉 This is the perfect little gift to print out for your other half this Valentine’s Day! You can even put a light in it which adds a special something. If she’s not into necklaces, it also makes a great key chain! Nice work mingshiuan!


But that’s not all! 

Check out this Pinshape Valentine’s Day collection for more great Valentine’s Day ideas! With the wide variety of designs on Pinshape, you’re sure to find something that will be the perfect gift for your special someone! 

3d printing designs valentine's day

If you decide to bring these designs to life, we look forward to seeing your uploaded prints!  Check back next week for another set of picks from your Pinshape staff, or subscribe to our mailing list to get this delivered to your inbox every Friday! 

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