Pinshape Featured Designs – July 20th

Pinshape Featured Designs – July 20th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find several models from your favorite movies and TV shows as well as a number of functional prints. Looking to re-create models that make use of multiple connected components? Check out this week’s featured tutorial that will teach you which adhesive is best for your project.

Superhero Keychains by FORMBYTE

These Superhero Keychains make for impressively quick prints that only take minutes to complete. Choose your favorite design and material, and get printing!

“Ben” the Bendy Bat by Trent Ristow

“Ben” the Bendy Bat is an articulating model that was designed to print directly on the build platform. If yours doesn’t seem to be coming out correctly, make sure your bridging settings are well calibrated.

Voldemort Wand by Tolga Aksu

Tolga Aksu impressed again this week with their rendition of Voldemort’s Wand. The Pinshape Team was blown away by the faux wood finish and intricate designs – intricate designs are best printed on SLA 3D printers – find a variety of SLA printers here.

Sliding Door Handle by VOOOD

This simple design makes for a quick and functional print that gives you a small peak of what awaits in the next room. Give this model and try and use it to customize your living space.

Light bulb by Desktop Makes

Desktop Makes’ Light Bulb design fuses an antique aesthetic with modern technologies like 3D printing and LED lighting. The circuit is easily replicated with an LED Diode and small coin battery.

Adjustable iPad / iPhone Stand by Stream3D

Dialing in the correct viewing angle for your iPad or iPhone can be a challenge which is why Stream3D modeled this adjustable stand. Simply adjust the thumb screw to modify the angle of your device.


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