3D Printed Men’s Fashion Contest On Now!

3D Printed Men’s Fashion Contest On Now!

Are you a fashion lover? Well this is your chance to show off your fashion expertise by designing for our 3D Printed Men’s Fashion Contest! Design the best outfit accessories, and you could win a Flux 3D Printer, a Swiftpoint mouse and some great prizes from Nerdblock, In Case Of and Zockster!

We’re looking for everything from formal wear for that fancy New Year’s Eve party, to daily wear that you can rock in your everyday life. That means: bow ties, tie clips, cuff links, money clips and wallets rings, bracelets, pendants, belt buckles, glasses & more!

You’re work will be judged by world class fashion experts, including Francis Bintoni, a pioneer in wearable 3D prints and high fashion, Dana Lee, a designer and authority on men’s clothing, Charles Belle, Co-Founder of SF Fashtech, and Paulina Prepkin, Founder of Additive Fashion.

The contest ends at 11:59pm PST January 11, 2015. Can’t wait to see what you design! 

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 8.53.30 PM

The Prizes


First Place: 1 Flux 3D Printer, 1 Swiftpoint GT mouse, 1 Cabinet of your choice from In Case Of, a 3 month subscription to Zockester for any style and a 2 Month Subscription to NerdBlock. In addition, your design will be listed and sold on Amazon by Pinshape and get coverage in our social media channels!

Second & Third Place:  $100 Pinshape credit, your design featured and sold on Amazon by Pinshape and coverage in our social media channels.


The Rules

Entrants can submit as many unique design entries as they would like, and there is no fee to enter the contest. Entrants must be registered with Pinshape to enter their designs into the contest. The contest is open worldwide! 

Getting to the finals: The top 10% most liked designs will make it to the finals (share outside Pinshape to get more votes!), and judges will have the ability to pick one design each to add to the finals.

The Final Round: Designs that advance to the finals will be judged on the following criteria:

– Design: overall quality, novelty, innovation, ease of printing

– Marketability: price, utility

– Presentation: detailed description (what it is, backstory, what inspired it, what settings should be used to print), high quality pictures, tags

Don’t Get Disqualified! 

Entries cannot have been previously submitted to Pinshape, and entries must comply with Pinshape’s content policy. So make sure that your design entries are new to Pinshape and that there is no copyright infringement

Also, make sure that your design entry is 3D printable according to Pinshape. 


Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter the challenge?

Submit an original 3D printable design to Pinshape and make sure to check the “Submit this model to the 3D Printed Men’s Fashion Contest” box on the upload form.

Can I submit designs I’ve made available on other sites or for other contests?

Yes you can. If it isn’t on Pinshape yet, and it is something you’ve designed, it’s fair game!

I really want to win, how can I make sure I make the finals?

We like your enthusiasm! It’s up to you to convince as many people as possible to like your design on Pinshape. Post it on your social media account and ask friends and family to like your design. Remember though, they have to like it on Pinshape, Facebook likes, Twitter favorites etc. don’t count!

Do I still own my designs when I post them?

Of course! We will never take over control of your work, we’re on your side.

I want to sell my design, but not allow people to steal it. Can I do that?

To protect your file, you can stream it (pre-sliced file) directly to a 3D printer without giving away the source file, or you can restrict the sales to only physically printed items that are shipped directly to customers.

When will the winner be announced?

The winner will be announced a day after the contest finishes. Prizes will be sent out as soon as they are available.

Does it matter if the designs are free or if I set a price?

Makes no difference to us! That being said, you’ll probably get more likes if the prices are at least reasonable.


More About the Judges

Francis Bitonti is the founder of Francis Bitonti Studio. His work has been exhibited and published internationally including in the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and the Wall Street Journal. One of his many notable designs is the 3D printed dress worn by Dita Von Teese. 


Francis Gown



Dana Lee launched her ultra-wearable eponymous menswear label in 2009. Season after season she has created effortlessly cool collections rooted in simplicity, a sense of ease, and an informed and inspired color palette.


Dana Paris

Charles Belle is a co-founder or SF Fashtech. His work on Fashtech has brought him in contact with designers, creatives, entrepreneurs, retailers and the rest of the wearables community and made him well versed on the subject. He finds himself buried in fashion and policy. 

Paulina Perepelkin is the creator of Additive Fashion, a site dedicated to 3D printing and its application to Fashion. She believes in the ability of 3D printing to revolutionize manufacturing and bring more women into STEAM fields.

Go enter and vote now! 



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