3D Printing Design Guide Released! From Idea to Profit

3D Printing Design Guide Released! From Idea to Profit

We love providing our community with valuable, educational content. That’s why we decided to pull together all the information on 3D design from our blogs plus add additional information and package it into an easy-to-read guide!  


Introducing Pinshape’s 3D Printing Design Guide

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This is a guide for anyone thinking about selling 3D printing designs. Even beginner designers or those who have never designed before and want to get started.  In this guide, we walk through the design process from deciding what design to create, to how to market and sell your design. We go over what designs are most popular, what software you can use to model the design, and other tips that can help you become a better designer.  

The guide is split into chapters so you can decide which sections are most relevant to you:

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Chapter 1: Design 3D Models People Want 

This section goes over the characteristics of popular designs and what the top paid and free designs are Pinshape are! This low poly Pokemon by  FLOWALISTIK is one of our most popular free designs. 



Chapter 2: Choose the Best 3D Modeling Software

In this chapter, we cover the difference between solid and mesh models and review the top free and paid programs for 3D modeling.



Chapter 3: Apply Design Principles for 3D Printing

Here to go through specific 3D design tips to make your models better suited for 3d printing! 



Chapter 4: Prepare Your File for 3D Printing

We go over free software to fix any holes in your model and convert your CAD file into an .stl file for 3D printing.  



Chapter 5: Price Your 3D Models

This chapter focuses on the philosophy behind pricing your 3D model and a simple formula you can use to get started.  



Chapter 6: Choose Where to Sell Your 3D Models

We cover the many different methods of selling your 3D models from selling the physical product in person to selling the design online.  Come here to see other options you’ve never thought of! 


3D design marketplaces allow you to sell your design file instead of selling a physical part.
This Vintage Jewelry Stand by Sanny Shine is availible on Pinshape. 


Chapter 7: Use Marketing Tips to Sell Your 3D Designs!

In a competitive market, sometimes it’s hard to stand out but these marketing tips will get you on the right track to selling your designs like hotcakes!


Printing your design and taking high quality photos of it
is just one of the ways you can market your design. 


Chapter 8: Choose Your 3D Design Hardware

From 3D printers to 3D scanners, these tools will help you get better at 3D designing! 

shining 3d einscan 3d scanner


If you’d like to learn more about 3D design, check out our 3D printing Design Guide for your step-by-step introduction to 3D design. 




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