Find a tutorial, write a tutorial!

Find a tutorial, write a tutorial!

The Pinshape forums is a great place for 3D printing conversations to take place, such as requesting 3D designs, getting help to fix your 3D printer, or even just talking about the latest 3D printing news. Everyone has different areas of expertise, whether is calibrating your printer just right, or knowing how to use nylon filament flawlessly. That’s where the forum Tutorials/Help channel come in!

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The new Pinshape forum category! Revamped and ready for you!


Tutorial/Help channel on the Pinshape forums: where you can ask for community help or show off your tutorials and share your knowledge with the Pinshape community!

Got something you want to share? A tutorial doesn’t have to be long! Something such as “Ways to get prints to stick to bedplate” can be as simple as a list, and brief descriptions if you choose to do so. As long as it’s comprehensive and has educational value, go share your design and printing tips with fellow Pinshapers! Popular community tutorials will be published on the Pinshape blog and will be advertised on social media channels— with your permission of course. 


Tanya Wiesner Blender tutorial Pinshape

Pinshaper Tanya Wiesner posts a tutorial on Rendering in Blender


It doesn’t have to be formal. If you’ve got a question regarding your printer or a design, post your question there! With enough feedback, that thread can become a valuable tutorial for others in the future. 

Feel free to leave comments or critique on a tutorial. If the post gets published, you too will be credited for your amendments 🙂 

See you around the 3D printing forums!

We’d love to hear from you! 

Whether you want to create your own tutorial or watch someone else, check it out! 

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