Announcing the Winners of the 3D Solutech Print Contest ?

Announcing the Winners of the 3D Solutech Print Contest ?

We got a ton of awesome print entries into the 3D Solutech Print contest! Here’s some of the top picks that all won a roll of 3D Solutech filament. All winners will be contacted by email shortly with instructions on how to redeem your prize! 

Widowmaker’s Widow’s Kiss by Claphead

This design won 2nd place in our Cosplay Design Contest and this is a very impressive print of the design! It was clear that a lot of time and effort went into post processing- great work. 


OpenR/C Formula 1 car by Matt0

Daniel Noree came out with the Open RC F1 design last year. This year he released an updated dual extrusion version with a new McLaren body. This is a great print of his original design with a batman head on top because, why not? 

American Craftsman Bungalow Birdhouse by efarrand

It’s spring time which means the birds are finally starting to come out of hiding! Efarrand printed this beautiful bird house in three pieces and did a great job assembling it. All the birds will be excited to come to your house! 

Judge Dredd Helmet by ronagoldberg

This print turned out great and Ronagoldberg did a fantastic job with painting! He added the final touch by adding a piece for the visor. Nice job! 


SkullBot 001 by theplasticcowboy

This skullbot design by 3DKitBash is a great one and theplasticcowboy printed it in a few different sizes which all turned out great! When you scale the model down by 35%, it makes a great test print. 

Spiral Tower by Merioz3D

Merioz3D printed this Spiral Tower using multicolored filament which gave it a cool layered effect. If you want to achieve a similar look, you don’t have to buy special filament to do so. Check out our blog on how to add color to your prints to find out how. 

That’s all for this week! Stay tuned for our next print contest coming out soon.


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