Announcing the eSUN Print Contest Winners!

Announcing the eSUN Print Contest Winners!

Our eSUN print contest just ended and we had over 200 entries elligible to win 1 of 30 rolls of enhanced PLA+ filament! The winner of best print also get’s license to Simplify3D . Although winners of the filament are chosen randomly, we wanted to give a shoutout to the prints we were most impressed with.  Here’s are some of our favorite designs as well as our first place winner! 

Honourable Mentions

Zipper Magnet by ilsoon Choi

This Zipper Magnet makes for a great illusion and was intended to be used as a magnet that “points” to sticky notes on your refrigerator. Ilsoon did a great job with both the print and photograph! 

T-Rex Skull by Antonio José Alonso Gómez

José did an incredible job with finishing this T-Rex Skull. He used paints to emulate a weathered wood-like appearance and the results are incredible. 

Scorpio Clipgun by ronagoldberg

This Clipgun is a prop from the television show Blakes 7 and ronagoldberg got the print right on! Multiple different materials were used and assembled together to emulate the gun from the show. 

Scarab Beetle Box by 3DCrafters

We loved the colors on this Scarab Beetle Box by 3DCrafters. This design is comprised of 12 different files that assemble together and have an awesome secret lock. 

Our first place winner!

Bad Robot by 3dFactory Brasil

3DFactory Brasil churns out incredible designs from popular games and movies and this was one of our favorites! They did an awesome job with this logo adaptation and have won themselves a free Simplify3D license that should improve their prints even more!

A very special thank-you to our sponsors, Esun and Simpliy3D, and our community judge Preson Reset for judging these awesome prints! 

If you didn’t win this time fear not, there’s another contest coming up! In the mean time, check out Pinshape for more great designs.


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