Announcing the Top 8 Winter Holiday Designs of 2017!

Announcing the Top 8 Winter Holiday Designs of 2017!

As the winter holidays near, your printers are likely in full-force making decorations and gifts for friends and family. In this post, we round up the top holiday themed designs for the year so that you can more easily decide which to print. These would make for great entries into the Proto-pasta Print Contest where each week, 5 winners take their pick of several premium filament options. 

Christmas Tree by BQ

Many of you are familiar with the popular Furry Lion design that makes use of unsupported overhangs for the mane. This Christmas Tree by BQ leverages the same effect for a unique and more realistic finish. 

Decorative Snowman Container by Sonia Verdu

These Decorative Snowmen by Sonia Verdu make for simple prints and great containers for concealing gifts. Print a few and use them to test out your painting prowess!

Articulated Christmas Toys by BQ

Articulated print-in-place designs are especially challenging to create and BQ nailed it with these Articulated Christmas Toys. Learn how to leverage similar techniques in this post on making Ball and Socket Joints. 

Small Jointed Reindeer by Sonia Verdu

If Sonia Verdu’s Snowmen Containers weren’t quite enough, add these simple Jointed Reindeer to the mix. These are fully printable without support structures and articulate straight off the printer. 
Christmas Nutcracker from Dream3D

While this nutcracker might not quite be functional, it makes for a simple print and great tabletop decoration. Follow the post on creating interlocking parts to learn how to cut a cylinder from the hat and use this as an ornament. 

Star Wars Death Star Christmas Tree Topper by Mutant Design

For those that are a bit unconventional, this Death Star Tree Topper is a must have. If you’re printer is having a bit of trouble with the overhangs, check out this tutorial on printing parts larger than your build volume to split this into two halves. 

Christmas Tree by Isotalo

Why buy a Christmas Tree at all when you can print this design from Isotalo? This tapers to a small point so you can minimize infill usage and scale this as large as you’d like. 

Our Planets Ornaments by 3DBrooklyn

If you want to stress test the minimum feature size of your printer, these to-scale Planet Ornaments make for a great pick. Pluto might give you a bit of a challenge here so it might be best to omit the sun and scale the rest of these to be larger. 


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