Pinshape Featured Designs – December 1st

Pinshape Featured Designs – December 1st

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find many functional models and top entries into the Create to Educate Lesson Plan Contest which ended yesterday so stay tuned for the winners! Any of these designs would make for great entries into the eSUN Print Contest where each week 5 winners can take their pick of several premium material options. 

Educational Automotive Alternator by Chris Halliday

Chris Halliday did an incredible job with this alternator design and it looks like the print was done using SLS or Binder Jetting technology. This is a top contender in the Create to Educate Lesson Plan Contest and you can find the rest of the entries here! 

Vice Mechanical v2.0 by swlesson

As 3D printing technology continues to improve, new applications like functional vices become viable. This is the second version of swlesson’s functional vice which improves upon some of the flaws in the earlier model. 

Circuit Python POV Dot Star LED Wand by Adafruit 

This is one of our favourite projects by Adafruit yet and the design is deceptively simple. Print out the 3 required components and follow their tutorial to make your own!

Fibonacci Christmas Tree Decoration by juustkaa 

As the holidays near, your printers are likely in full swing making gifts for friends and family. Add these fibonacci ornaments to the list and check out the Top 8 Holiday Designs of 2017 for more ideas!

Modeling Topography and Erosion with 3D Printing by Robert Hemlich

We love this erosion and topography model by Robert Hemlich which cleverly uses a water soluble PVA filament to visually demonstrate the process of erosion. Another top contender in the Create to Educate Lesson Plan Contest! 

Xmas Automota by Nishu

Unless secured poorly, Christmas Trees tend to be stationary and Nishu is changing that precedent up with this Xmas Automota Design! A simple print and assembly that makes for a great decoration.


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