[NSFW] Best 3D printer designs – Week of 30 October, 2015

[NSFW] Best 3D printer designs – Week of 30 October, 2015

Hey Pinshapers, 

This week we picked some of the best 3D designs we’ve seen yet! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 

Also, don’t forget to upload your prints to share with the community if you decide to bring these designs to life… Do it before the end of the month and you could win free filament!


victoria's faceVictoria’s Pick

UX/UI Designer 
Nostalgia Lover


3D printer designs storm trooper

Stormtroopa (Stormtrooper + Koopa Troopa Statue) by [email protected]

Ahh Star Wars and Super Mario Brothers, the coolest of the cool stuff from my childhood. This figurine is so awesome! I thought it was a weird stance for a stormtrooper to take, but when I saw the koopa troopa shell it totally makes sense. This design encapsulates a lot of the things I love: Star Wars, Mario Bros, Cute and Low Poly! 3D print one for your geeky girlfriend or girl friend. Add a bit of mounting tape to the base and voila! You’ve got yourself a #dashboard #figurine 😉


3D printer designs jibranJibran’s Pick

SEO Specialist


3D printer files modular synth

Modular Synthesizer Control Keyboard by SoftEgg

Although it might seem a little ‘off’, it is definitely a start in a great direction. I can’t wait for the day where you can simply print off your own synth. Who wants to pay thousands of dollars for it anyways. This one gets a special thumbs up for trying to be ‘modular’.



lucas' faceLucas’ Pick


3D printer designs cube puzzle

Star 6 Puzzle by richard_swika

I love puzzles! Last month I bought a rubik’s cube and finally figured out what was what! Youtube + a few hours and you’re good to go. This 6 star puzzle by richard_swika is impressive + great instructions 🙂



nick's faceNick’s Pick


3D printer designs wind energy

Wind Energy Stored In Gravity by Mike Blakemore

This design really caught my eye. I love 3D prints that move, even if they take some assembly to get them going, and this is a cool little project to print and build. Additionally, this is a great teaching tool to help people understand, even at a very basic level, how wind can be used as a source of energy. I would have really enjoyed this demo when I was back in science class, and as we move more and more toward renewable energy sources, the more people understand about our energy options, the better!


andre's faceAndre’s Pick


3D printer designs japanese doll

Japanese Doll 人形 by Jangy

One of the biggest challenges with 3D printing is that it’s hard to create designs with a lot of intricate details. This iconic piece is a perfect example of how a design can still be aesthetic and meaningful while only utilizing basic form and shapes.



Karen's FaceKaren’s Pick

Community Manager 
Zoetrope Admirer

3D printer designs elephants

Walking Elephant 3D Zoetrope by  Dmitriy Bessmertny

I love the idea of 3D printing your own zoetrope! The first time I saw one of these in real life I was truly amazed. (Need proof? My instagram video reaction is just filled with Ooos and Ahs.  The design links you to a blog post with more info on the zoetrope and I say, check it out even if you’re not going to print this!



Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.36.00 AM

Kate’s Pick

Software Developer 
Halloween soon!

3D printer designs cat armor

CAT ARMOR by J Wall 

Is your cat already on a dark side? Is it ready for Halloween? No? You should print this 3D Armor. It looks so cool, scary and cute all at the same time. The armor even has a skeleton ☠ More than that there is an awesome tail, so your cat will have a new toy to play with!


wojtek's faceWojtek’s Pick

Front-end Developer 

3D printer designs page holder

ThumbThing by NQT.2015 by QuangTri

We all know that finding that perfect comfortable spot and position for reading books is hard. Especially when you have to hold your book at the bottom and avoid making a crease. Well look what I found! “ThumbThing” allows you to hold the book comfortably without damaging it. You can then relax and focus on what’s important — the content.


3D printer designs damienDamien’s Pick

Marketing Manager
Will do anything to plug the MadeSolid filament contest 


3D printer designs bucky bowl

Bucky Bowls – 3D Printed by Frew

So once again I’m kinda breaking the rules by posting a print and not a design, but this print combines TWO of my favourite designs – Andy An’s bucky bowls  and WallTosh’s Thin Man. Cool print, cool pic, and Frew has earned him or herself an entry into our MadeSolid filament contest just by uploading this print! Noice.


sergey's faceSergey’s Pick

Back-end Developer 

3D printer designs woman's body

Woman Body – Polygon Reduction by y  David Mussaffi

I appreciate all people that share such designs. Look at that gorgeous 3D printed body… It inspires me to build Pinshape even better and better every day. As a bonus there are different design versions and videos 😉


Lauren’s Pick 

3D printer designs lauren


Content Manager 
Accidental Pen Thief


3D printer designs pen holder

Bender Pen Holder by  steven_dakh

I am notorious for accidentally losing and stealing pens – oops! If I had this sweet Bender pen holder, I’d have a safe place to put all my precious writing tools. Plus, it would be one place for people to look if they were missing a pen that they suspect I stole…accidentally!

Comment below with your favourite picks! 

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Until next time, Pinshapers!

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