Check out these 3D printer designs! Week of August 7th

Check out these 3D printer designs! Week of August 7th

Hey Pinshapers,

Are you ready for another round of Pinshape staff picks? Victoria’s away on vacation, so we’re one short this week, but nevertheless, here’s our staff picks! 

lucas' face Lucas’ Pick

Admirer of Fine Decor
digital craftman pinshapeDigital Craftman Decor Series by Francesco Pusterla

This week, I picked the ‘Digital Craftman Decor Series’ by Francesco Pusterla. He designed 9 very cool vases and candle holders. Very unique + created with Autodesk Shapeshifter. It’s a pretty simple design tool— you should check it out too and try your hand at design. 


nick's faceNick’s Pick

 Amateur Photographerpinhole camera pinshapeEasy 35 Pinhole Camera by Pinholeprinted

With all the great digital technology we have today, it’s often easy to forget how things used to work, even if it was only a few years ago. A perfect example of this is photography, where the prevalence of digital cameras has made it easy for everyone to get involved. Even with all this awesome tech though, it’s fun to return to the basics of traditional film, and what better way to get nostalgic (for the least cost possible) than with this great pinhole camera! Pinhole Printed has a lot of experience designing their awesome, functional devices, and they make a great project for any maker interested in photography. Print, assemble and steady those hands for some old-school cool!


andre's face Andre’s Pick

 Remodelerpush pin hook pinshapePush-pin Hook by WallTosh

I’ve been searching for modern looking hooks for hanging my shirts. WallTosh has uploaded a neat looking and easy to install Push-pin Hook. There is an instructional video WallTosh included in the design description. I’ll be placing a couple of WallTosh’s push pin hooks in my place.


Karen's Face Karen’s Pick

 Community Manager 
 On A Juice Cleanse

chip bowlChips Bowl by Helder L. Santos

I’m trying this thing where I drink juice for 3 days and only juice. Seeing this design is really killing me, and I’d love to be gorging on chips right now. This’ll make you crave ruffled chips just by seeing it. You gotta admit, this design is pretty spectacular!


allen's face Allen’s Pick

 Digital Marketing Director 
 Makerlele Student

makerlele v2 pinshape staff picksMakerlele_MK1_plus  by min-chieh_chen

I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the ukulele, mainly because I’ve never seen a sad person play one…the sound and musicians always remind of me Hawaii, sunshine, and happy people that are carefree. So if I get the chance to play a tune, hopefully the Pinshape team won’t stand up and leave the room. 🙂 Great job and thanks to Mr. ErikJDurwoodll for inspiring Min-Chieh Chen for the Design. Mahalo.

keenan's face Keenan’s Pick

 Business Development Manager 
 Paleontologistlow poly trex pinshapeLow Poly T-Rex by steven_dakh

I like the Low Poly T-rex by steven_dakh because it’s cute. I’m a big fan of quick, low-poly prints – use it as a paperweight and it becomes functional. And again, it’s cute!


wojtek's face Wojtek’s Pick

 Front-end Developer 
 Pizza Loverpizza bottle opener pinshapePizza Bottle Opener by 3DBrooklyn

I love a good slice of pepperoni pizza. Especially when it’s also a bottle opener! You just insert a coin in a little slot inside the slice and you’re ready to pop bottles! There’s also a small hole so you can carry a slice with your keys and drink your *ahem* non-alcoholic beverages on the go. Very useful. Printing it soon!


sergey's face Sergey’s Pick

 Back-end Developer 
 Key Ownerarm key hook pinshapeArm Key Hook by edw0413

At Pinshape I start to collect key hooks and holders. They seem to be pretty useful for my hallway. Sometimes I forget where I put my keys and spend time searching for them. This is a good solution. The heavy key need a muscle arm 😉


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.36.00 AM

 Kate’s Pick

 Software Developer 
 🙂 elephant envelop holder pinshapeElephant Envelope Holder by pkb81

Very cute envelope holder! I like to put different funny and useful things on my table, so this one would definitely be great for my desk. And the second point: this elephant reminded me about my vacation to Sri Lanka. 🙂

That’s it for this week! Which Pinshape design would you have chosen? Check back next week for another set of picks from your Pinshape staff, or subscribe to our mailing list to get this delivered to your inbox every Friday! 


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