Custom 3D Design Work Now Available!

Custom 3D Design Work Now Available!

Get Your Idea 3D Designed By The Best

Hey everyone, we have an announcement today that we are really excited about. You can now request custom 3D design work from your favourite designers directly from Pinshape! We know that 3D printing allows you to bring some pretty incredible ideas to life, but we also know that creating those incredible 3D printable designs isn’t easy. Additionally,  even though there is a growing list of cool products for sale here on Pinshape, sometimes what you’re looking for just plain doesn’t exist yet. To help solve those issues, you can now easily contact a talented Featured Designer, directly from their profile page, and get started making your ideas a reality. custom 3D design work 3D printing jobs 3D printing contracts

Custom Excellence Made Easy

We have a community full of the best designers in the world, who are always looking for a new challenge and are up to creating your next favourite thing. To take full advantage of the get opportunity, all you need to follow are a few simple steps.

  1. Think of something you’d like to have designed in 3D.
  2. Find a Featured Designer on Pinshape who you think has the skills to match your need.
  3. Click the “Hire Me” button on their profile page.
  4. Provide a detailed description of what you’d like designed (budget, size, material, links to reference images)
  5. Allow the designer to review and respond.

On Pinshape, we act like the cool friend you have that introduces you to someone that can really help you, and like that friend, we don’t charge you anything to make the intro. We help you connect, and after that, the rest is up to you and the designer. This helps make sure you get the best price and deal direct with the designer for the best results.  

Get Started Today

So what are you waiting for? Browse the great designs on Pinshape today to get some inspiration, or find the perfect designer for the project you already have!


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