Customizable Designs: How to Hire the Right Designer

Customizable Designs: How to Hire the Right Designer

Happy Thanksgiving from the Pinshape team! It’s already time to start shopping for holiday gifts, and nothing tells your loved ones, “see, I care,” quite as much as a 3D printed design made just for them.  

Now you’re thinking, “that’s great but I don’t know how to 3D design.” With the “Hire Me” feature on Pinshape, you can get somebody to do the hard part for you! Here are some pro tips to help you figure out what to look for in a designer and how to get that perfect design.


Research designers.

You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes without trying them on, and you should do the same with your designer. You can do this by browsing Pinshape for designs that you like and throw them into a collection. We’ll call it our “Designers I Might Want to Hire” Collection.




Once you have found a couple design options, view each designer’s portfolio by clicking on their name below the title in the item listing. This will let you view all of the work that they have posted on Pinshape.


Pick your designer.

You know what design styles you like and who created them; it’s time pick your designer!  Your should choose an artist whose designs consistently meets the style that you want for your commissioned piece (similar to bringing in photos of hairstyles that you like to show your hairstylist).   


For instance, if you are trying to commission a detailed bust, then you would choose a designer like MonstersBarcelona who has several designs who fit that style.



Similarly, if you’re trying to get a more detailed ornamental style, then an artist like Stefan Gale might be a better fit.


Request your design with the “Hire Me” Button!

You have your designer chosen and it’s time to hire them! Do this by going to their profile and clicking the “Hire Me” button. Make sure to give the designer a detailed description with reference material. The reference material should be similar pieces to what you want them to design to  help understand your vision. You can also simply have one of their items to be customized.


For example, this holiday ornament. You could ask the designer to customize the holly and replace it with a bell.



Also describe elements (or modifications) you would like the design to have. Size of the printed item, when you need the completed design, what type of printer (or printing service) you would like to use to print and any additional information like the occasion for which it is being commissioned. Any and all information that you think the designer should take into consideration when they’re creating your 3D print.


Time for a Quote.

Now it’s time to receive a quote from the artist. This is separate from the price to print the item, so make sure to take that into consideration while you’re planning out your price point!

After the designer and you agree on a design fee, sit back and wait for your 3D printable design!


When you get the first version of your 3D printable design, review the render and let the designer know of any changes that you need. Repeat until happy (within reason)!


Print your customized item.

You have your customized 3D printable design file! Now that you have the file, you can print it at home for your special someone. 




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