Exclusive Licensed 3D Models Now on Pinshape – Kreebils

Exclusive Licensed 3D Models Now on Pinshape – Kreebils

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with visionary artist and toy designer Gus Fink to bring you exclusive licensed 3D models, designed right here by the Pinshape community!

The Kreebils are now available to download and print.


Kreebils Pinshape 3D printing design Exclusive Licensed 3D Models


Who are the Kreebils?

The Kreebils are a creation of Gus Fink, and they’re fascinated with music, the internet, television and humans. Nothing makes Kreebils happier than being around the creative thinking and silly energy of kids!

You don’t have to feed them or clean up after them, just let them be a part of your life. Whether you play with them or give them a shelf with a view, the Kreebils will be happy to be here in their new home with you!

Find out more at Kreebils.com.


kreebils 3d printing pinshape Exclusive Licensed 3D Models


“I’ve always been intrigued by 3D printing capabilities, and as a toy designer it’s great to see the Kreebils being created in this way. Until now they’ve only been available as plush toys, but were always intended to be more,” said Kreebils creator, Gus Fink. “I decided to work with PinShape because they’re the most professional and they’re making a huge impact in the 3D printing industry. I believe in what they are doing and it’s been a lot of fun working with them through the whole process!”


Pinshape Kreebils 3D printing design Exclusive Licensed 3D Models


Lucas Matheson (Pinshape CEO) said he was excited to be working with a toy designer to provide exclusive licensed 3D models for Pinshape users, and commended Gus for being ahead of the pack in what is an exciting growth area for licensed content. 

“This is a great example of how brands are leveraging Pinshape’s platform to license digital content and expand into the 3D printing ecosystem. We’re going to see a lot more innovation around licensing in this industry and we’re very excited to be part of it.”


A golden opportunity for licence holders? 

Lucas recently spoke at a CES on the Hill event in Washington, DC on the subject of 3D printing and the implications for IP law and licensing. 

“As an online 3D printing marketplace, we’ve found ourselves in a position where we can educate and work with companies, brands and designers to help mitigate impending IP risks. We do this through secure streaming technology, and providing a collaborative platform for companies to work with designers to innovate new products. We see an opportunity here for everyone to leverage the rapidly growing disruptive innovation that is 3D printing, and come out with ground-breaking products that would never have been possible before the advent of 3D printing.”

Our recent ELLE Jewelery design contest is another great example of how brands can use companies like Pinshape to drive innovation and provide exclusive licensed content. 


3D printing Elle time and jewellery exclusive licensed


Indeed, there are countless opportunities for brands to repurpose already existing content and tap new markets with 3D printing. So much so that Nick (our COO) has written a guest blog on this very topic (can you tell we’re just a little excited about it?!). Check out The Future of Licensing & IP in 3D printing.


Pinshape partnering with the community

One of the most exciting elements of this project was being able to involve and reward our community of 3D designers and makers, by making them an integral part of the process that brought these exclusive licensed 3D models to life on Pinshape. 

Kreebils 3D printing design Exclusive Licensed 3D Models

Pinshape user Tanya Wiesner was chosen to turn the Kreebils into 3D models. “With my own designs I know what I want, but helping make other peoples’ two-dimensional designs a reality in 3D can be rewarding. With the help of Pinshape, independent designers can get their ideas and creations out to a larger audience and still retain full ownership over their work,” she said.

We searched out the top talent in the Pinshape community to bring the Kreebils to life on Pinshape, and we think you’ll agree that Tanya has done a fantastic job! Enjoy getting to know the Kreebils 🙂


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