What is a Pinshape Featured Designer?

What is a Pinshape Featured Designer?

One question we’ve heard a few times is; “What does it mean to be a Featured Designer on Pinshape?” This blog post will help clear that up!

First off, everyone can be a designer on our site. Once you sign up, you are instantly able to upload your designs. When uploading, you are given several distribution options that dictate how your designs will appear on Pinshape, and how the Pinshape community can access them.

Everyone on Pinshape can use the “Show & Tell” and “Private” options when they choose to upload their designs. The “Show & Tell” license means you can show off your work to others, and it can be accessed directly through your profile page. This option will help you create your professional or personal portfolio, gain exposure to the world of 3D printing and get valuable feedback from the Pinshape Community about what you are working on. “Private” designs, on the other hand, are kept hidden from anyone else, and are only visible to the person who uploads them. In both cases, your designs are not displayed in the community design feed and will not show up in search results.

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Once you have honed your skills and proven your design abilities, you’re eligible to become a Featured Designer on Pinshape; a distinction reserved for experienced and highly talented members.  As a Featured Designer, you’ll unlock the extra distribution option, “Sell/Share”. “Sell/Share” allows you to offer your designs to the rest of the community, in the form of downloads, streamed files, or professional prints (if you choose to allow those options). You’ll have the ability to set a price for your designs, and either give them away for free, or make some money for your efforts. Your products will pop up on Pinshape’s design feed, and everyone will be able to access and buy your items. Once you’ve uploaded products as a Featured Designer, there are opportunities to have us promote you on social media and blogs, and even sell your products for you on the Pinshape Amazon store.

To become a Featured Designer, apply today with a link to your portfolio. Otherwise, you can always click on the “Unlock the option to sell/share – apply to be a featured designer” link that can be found on the upload page.

Finally, whether you’re a Featured Designer or not, our print service is available to you. If you love the products you’ve created and upload them to Pinshape, we will print them for you.





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