The finest 3D printable designs this week on Pinshape

The finest 3D printable designs this week on Pinshape

We have an assortment of functional prints from a snack sealer to an aquaponics system to balance your plants and fishies. Plus there’s also some 3D printable designs from the top movie franchises that you know and love! We’ve got a great week of staff picks for you!


nick's faceNick’s Pick


optimus prime 3d printable designs

Transformers Optimus Prime by guvrnor

If you’re a fan of the Transformers, this Optimus Prime is a must-print! This is a serious design with over 20 distinct files that, once assembled, looks really cool. Mix and match colors to make the Optimus Prime of your dreams, or give it a cool paint job at the end to really put the finishing touches on guvrnor’s awesome design. Autobots, ROLL OUT!


victoria's faceVictoria’s Pick

UX/UI Designer 
Love Being In Love

geared heart 3d printable designs

Geared heart by deadlygeek

Valentines Day is over, but let the lovin’ never stop!! Truth be told, I’ve been working on a thing for the boy and missed the V-Day deadline. But that’s not gonna deter me from finishing my project ? This lovey gear thingy is a cute thing for all you geeks out there to show your significant other how much they make your heart move. Eh? See what I did there? ?


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.36.00 AM

Kate’s Pick

Software Developer

deadpool feel the love 3d printable designs

Deadpool Feel the Love magnet by PS

If you haven’t yet watched Deadpool, you must see it! This Deadpool “Feel The Love” Magnet is so awesome. Very detailed and more than that— it conveys the mood of the film perfectly. So cool, I love it!


lucas' faceLucas’ Pick


duckbag 3d printable designs

Duckybag clip by RobinH

My pick this week is from RobinH from the Netherlands!

“No more soft chips, cookies and open bags with the Duckybag” — RobinH

If you love chips, this one’s for you. Enjoy! +Duckybag is a great name! 🙂


andre's faceAndre’s Pick


bit holder 3d printable designs

Impact Driver Double Bit Holder by Gontran

I tend to use 2-3 impact driver bits when disassembling motorcycles. Every now and then I misplace the bits and end up wasting time searching for them. I’ll be printing out Gontran’s Impact Driver Bit Holder to hold 2 bits on the driver. If you are like me, you are going to want to print this before one of your bits ends up lost forever.


Lauren’s Pick 

Content Manager 
Sustainability is Key

cascaqua 3d printable designs avooq

Cascaqua by Avooq

This is such an interesting concept! It’s a sustainable system where you can grow plants in your house without dirt. This design goes on top of your fish tank so that the nutrients from the fish waste is fed to the roots of your plants and the oxygen from the plants goes back into the tank for the fish. This design was featured on 3D Printing Industry if you want to read more about it. 



Wojtek’s Pickwojtek's face

Front-end Developer 

bowtie 3d printable designs
Bowtie by Bajmb

It’s Friday, everyone! If you have any special events planned for this weekend or you just wanna look fresh, here’s a design for you. Bajmb made this awesome bowtie to enhance your wardrobe. Perhaps you can show off your love for 3D printing at a wedding! I bet no one else will be wearing something like this. Print it out in a color you like.


Jibran’s Pick

SEO Specialist
Sillypants McGee

supertooth just do it pinshape 3d printable designs

“Supertooth” Just Do it by PS

This is pretty cool. I, myself, love silly/funny stuff so this little number totally caught my eye. It’s a giant tooth that holds two brushes and the toothpaste as well. A solid print that I believe will look good in any kid’s/someone who is young at heart’s bathroom 🙂


Karen's FaceKaren’s Pick

Community Manager

lazy light system 3d printable designs
Lazy Light System by 3DBrooklyn

I hate forgetting to turn off my room’s lights before getting comfortable in my bed prior to sleeping. But this light system will allow me to connect the lights to some area near me so I can remotely switch them on and off. Of course, it looks like it will take a bit of patience to rig this up, but a moment of patience will save me many unwanted trips out of my warm blankets as I’m relaxing and retiring for the night! It is also aesthetically pleasing too! Here’s a video of it in action!



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