IC3D Print Contest Winners Announced!

IC3D Print Contest Winners Announced!

As usual, our awesome maker community didn’t disappoint in our latest print contest with IC3D! We had some amazing entries in the contest and we wanted to highlight some of the top contenders before we announce the winner for “Best Print” who gets 2 rolls of IC3D filament and a license for Simplify3D!

We also picked 30 winners to win a roll of IC3D filament – we’ll be sending you an email shortly with coupon codes to claim your prize!  Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone who took the time to upload a print to our contest! 


Here are just some of the awesome print entries we received (in no particular order):



Chappie Bust – 3D Printed by pedroaugustocoelho, designed by ImprimaLAB

The post processing job on this print was amazing! We are very impressed by the level of detail in the finishing touches. This print was primed after printing and airbrushed with acrylic paint. Great work! 



3D Printed BugBots – 3D Printed by Frew, designed by Alex Czech

Frew’s prints never disappoint and this one certainly impressed our judges. Look at the BugBot go! 



Low Poly Fawn – 3D Printed by Morgan Hawkins, designed by steven_dakh

We were very impressed with the quality of this print and the composition of the photo. Morgan did a great job of bringing this design to life! 



Toys Tractor – 3D Printed by N3Dproto, designed by N3Dproto

Not only does this print look great but it has movable wheels! Awesome job by N3Dproto as the designer and maker of this print. 



T-800 Redux – 3D Printed by JerryBoi831, designed by Chris Milnes

This print is frightening and impressive at the same time! JerryBoi831 did a great job capturing all the details in the design which was specially designed to print without supports! 



Skull lamps – Voronoi Style – 3D Printed by Fixx, designed by mingshiuan

This was a very well rounded, clean print with great photo clarity.  This design also prints without supports. Stick a light in it and it makes for sweet designs on your wall! 



OpenR/C Formula 1 car – 3D Printed byMakersPlace, designed by Daniel Noree

We’ve received a lot of amazing prints of the RC car but this one really blew away our judges with the colours and attention to detail! 



BeQui, Jointed Robot – 3D Printed byelizabeth_hernandez, design by BQ

We love the creativity behind this print. BQ’s robot in a thinker post – awesome! 



Car chassis – 3D Printed by Kraig McLaughlin, designed by Treespirit

Kraig cut the longest parts of this print in half to fit his print bed and the end product looks incredible! Great work with post processing and assembly.  


And now without further ado…presenting our winner!



Educational Brake Caliper – 3D Printed by Chris Halliday, designed by Chris Halliday

Congratulations to Chris for his impressive design and print of this educational brake caliper.  He wins 2 rolls of IC3D filament and a license to Simplify3D.

Big thank-you to our supporting sponsors, IC3D and Simplify3D for generously providing our prizes & thanks to everyone who participated in the contest! If you didn’t win this time…don’t worry, we’ve got another print contest going on right now! 



** Chris has graciously asked us to give his copy of Simplify3D to someone else who really needs it, so we’ve added this as an additional prize to our Filaments.ca print contest! Now, there will be two prints chosen for “best print” that win a license to Simplify3D! ** 


Enter the Filaments.ca Print Contest & win 1 of 2 Licences to Simplify3D! 




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