Improve Your Sales Now – Introducing 3D Renders

Improve Your Sales Now – Introducing 3D Renders Scenes Now Supported on Pinshape

We are happy to announce that you can now show off your designs more beautifully than ever before, helping you stand out from the crowd and get the recognition you deserve.

We’ve partnered with, a FREE online 3D modeling and rendering tool, and have integrated support for their custom scene creation directly into the design viewer on Pinshape! This integration will allow you to show off your 3D printable designs with more control than ever before and provide an incredible level of interactivity for the Pinshape Community.

Now, in addition to the standard pictures and auto-generated 3D renders, you have the opportunity to create something that really shows off your design in all it’s glory. See for yourself; click and drag the design below to try it out!

This is an amazing tool for anyone that is looking to increase sales and downloads, since showing how your design is actually meant to be used increases customer confidence and understanding.


How to use with online 3d modeling and rendering pinshape

1.  Design something cool and make sure it is 3D printable – Guide to 3D Printing on

2.  Create a custom scene in to show off your design; be creative!

3.  Upload your new design to Pinshape as you normally would, and enter your Scene ID into the upload form.


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