Digital designs of the week for 3D printing on Pinshape!

Digital designs of the week for 3D printing on Pinshape!

We’ve got a grab bag full of designs from the community that deserves some print time on your printer! Do you have tips on how to get the best prints? Leave your comments below! 


jibranJibran’s Pick

SEO Specialist
Summer ahoy!

wall bottle opener digital designs

Wall Bottle Opener by 3DBrooklyn

Okay it seems like Summer is coming to Vancouver a little sooner than expected. Which is always a great thing 🙂 That’s why I picked this nifty little bottle opener. It’s easy to print and easy to attach. I believe in efficiency so I would like to see this attached right next to my couch. That way, I don’t have to take the few steps required to go all the way to the kitchen and grab a bottle opener. Who wants to do all that work anyways?— Enjoy!


victoria_sillyVictoria’s Pick

UX/UI Designer 
Big Kid!

bequi bq digital designs

BeQui, Jointed Robot by BQ

Heh I love these articulate toys by BQ! Not only is it fun to put the toys in neat poses, but this robot is so cutely designed. Perfect for sophisticated kids who won’t pull the toy apart and swallow tiny pieces. Sooo for kids aged 30+? ? Print one out for your favourite kid or .. ahem.. big kid. They’ll love it!


wojtekWojtek’s Pick

Front-end Developer 
Fan of rabbits

easter bunny digital designs

Easter Bunny and Egg by mybrainhurts

Easter is coming! At least where I’m from. Now is a good time to go to the supermarket and stack up on fresh eggs. Next week people will go crazy with holiday shopping. If you’d prefer something sweeter than eggs, here’s one for you. This design is awfully cute! It reminds me of those Kinder Surprise Eggs, which are banned in the U.S. How crazy is that? Well not that crazy. Imagine the lawsuits… either way, print this one out and I’m sure everyone will love it!



laurenLauren’s Pick 

Content Manager 
Ms. Organized

pinna multipurpose clip digital designs

Pinna Multipurpose Clip by concetto.oku.2

It’s almost spring time, which means spring cleaning mode is in full effect. I’ve been trying to tidy up drawers and cluttered areas around my place and these clips would come in really handy for the loose wires and odd USB cables that are mixed together. It also doubles as a bookmark or a bag clip for opened snack bags! Great design by concetto.oku.2— simple and effective.


nick_sillyNick’s Pick

Batman Fan

batarang digital designs

Batarang (Batman: Arkham Knight) by ChaosCoreTech

Everyone I know is looking forward to the Batman Vs Superman movie coming out soon, so why not get into the spirit of the Dark Knight with this awesome Batarang! This is a fantastic replica prop and even folds up like you’d expect. Finish it with some paint to get that serious look and no bad guys will be messing with you any time soon. Another awesome design from ChaosCoreTech!


karenKaren’s Pick

Community Manager
Remnant Huntress

rwby crescent rose digital designs

RWBY Crescent Rose Scythe by Jcach

I love Ruby Rose’s scythe— the Crescent Rose is both a scythe, and a sniper rifle. I don’t think you can get much cooler than that. I love the detail of this design, and it doesn’t hurt that the designer dedicated this to Monty (RIP). Great show, and great fan design! I’d love to experiment with whether this can be strengthened enough to work as a letter opener!


andreAndre’s Pick


passport digital designs

Passport case by Salokannel

My passport is wearing out pretty badly so it’s time to get a case for it. Salokannel has uploaded a stylish, simple and easy 3D printable passport case. Make sure to check it out!


lucas_sillyLucas’ Pick

iPhone User

auggie iphone 6 holder

Auggie’s iPhone 6 PLUS or 6S PLUS cradle with sound redirector by Auggie

I had switched to a iPhone 6 Plus recently and have been looking for a good stand to prop up my phone to watch videos. Having the phone on a stand helps my kids see better, and it’s just more ergonomic. This cradle does a great job of letting me stand my phone in portrait or landscape mode, while still providing space for me to potentially put in my charging cable or headphones. Talk about a well-thought-out design!


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