Meltink3D Print Contest Winners Announced!

Meltink3D Print Contest Winners Announced!

For this contest, we asked Pinshapers to upload pictures of their prints for a chance to win one of 30 rolls of filament from MeltInk.

Thanks to all the entrants, you continue to impress us with your quality prints. We will contact the winners shortly with instructions for redeeming your prize!

The winner for best print also takes home the new MatterControl T10 3D Printer Controller and a roll of MeltInk PLA. It was a tough contest and as usual our judges spent many sleepless nights deciding on a winner.

Without further ado, we’ll take you through some of the honorable mentions before getting to our first place winner. 


Honorable Mentions

WALL-E by DookieWALL-E

Only a small portion of this multi-colored Wall-e is painted. Most of it was assembled together using 3 different filaments including a roll from!


Xbox One Controller Faceplate by wrong accountxbox one controller faceplate

This excellent print bears impressive resemblance to actual wood and shows some of what you can do with wood-filled filaments. We’ll have to pester wrong account to see how they went about texturing and finishing the final print.


Countess Zorana by fantasygraphcountess zorana fantasygraph

fantasygraph made the model, the filament, and the print for this awesome miniature. His painting is some of the best we’ve seen and unsurprisingly took as long as the print itself.


Holocron Lamp by daveyclkHolocron Lamp

Use the power of the force to unlock this Jedi Holocron lamp! Seriously, daveyclk put a motor in it so when you put your hand overtop, it lights up! Check out this video he made:



Humbot Sargantana by Makit


Print and power up this awesome Humbot by makit! Provide hours of distraction to pets and small children (though we can’t promise your Humbot will survive the ordeal).



And now for our winner…

Trhuster with the print of Countess Zorana!countess zorana trhuster

With his flawless print and awesome images, Trhuster will be taking home first place and the new MatterControl T10 3D printer controller!

 t10 touch 3d printer controller

A big thank-you to our awesome sponsors MatterHackers and Meltink3D and to our fantastic judges!

 If you didn’t win this time, fear not, we’ve a sneaking suspicion you’ll have another opportunity in the near future! Until then, thanks to everyone who entered – your prints never fail to impress us and we can’t wait to see what you come up with for the next contest!


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