Voting Open for the 2015 Pinshape Awards!

Voting Open for the 2015 Pinshape Awards!

Welcome to the 2015 Pinshape Awards! 

We’re blown away by some of the amazing designs and prints that our community contributed to Pinshape this year.  That’s why we want to end 2015 by bringing the community together and giving credit to those whose designs and contributions really stood out during the last 12 months! To do that though, we need your help to determine the winners. Vote now and you’ll be entered to win $100 Amazon Gift Card! 


2015 Pinshape Awards


We’ve chosen 5 nominees in each of the 10 categories and we’re leaving it up to the community to vote who they think should win. It’s in your hands now Pinshapers!

The nominees are… drumroll please! 


2015 Pinshape Awards drums


Top Simple Design

The Top Simple Design is one that is easy to print and gives a clean print with no supports. Vote for your favourite simple design.

2015 Pinshape Awards top simple design


Find the link to their designs on Pinshape: 

Graphica: MEGA Ghost – Print & Play vy 3DKitbash

Thin Man Part 2 by WallTosh

#3DBenchy – The jolly 3D printing torture-test by CreativeTools

Simple Animals 5 by Eunny

Robber Rex by Zheng3


Top Complex Design

The Top Complex Design is one that is more complicated to print because it has a lot of different parts or ball and socket parts. Vote for the one you think is the best complicated design! 

2015 Pinshape Awards top complex design


Find the link to their designs on Pinshape: 

Top Useful Design 

The Top Useful Design is one that will  be applicable to everyday life or around the house! Vote for the one you think you’d be most likely to use. 

2015 Pinshape Awards top useful design


Find the link to their designs on Pinshape: 

Candy Machine by Tanya Weisner

Pegstr – Pegboard Wizard by mgx

Three Geometric Coaster Designs by [email protected]

The American Craftsman Bungalow Birdhouseby Mr. MegaTronic

Bucky Bowls by Andy An


Top Toy Design

These toys have both a creative design and look fun to play with which is why we nominated them for Top Toy Design. 

2015 Pinshape Awards top toy design


Find the link to their designs on Pinshape: 

OpenR/C Formula 1 car by Daniel Noree

2015 Seej Starter Set by zheng3

Telescopic Light Saber by le FabShop

Air Jet T-01 by Me, Myself, and I

3D-printable sand play set


Top Design Photo

We nominated these photos for Top Design Photo because they are clear, show off the design well, and have wonderfully creative backgrounds! 

2015 Pinshape Awards top design photo


Find the link to their designs on Pinshape: 

Beach Jeep by Mao


Smartphone Photo Studio for #3DBenchy and tiny stuff by Creative Tools 

Summer Cookie Cutters Collection by OogiMe

Materialize – Potted by atom3dp


Top CAD Software

We’ll let you vote for your favourite software, but here are a few of the ones we’ve seen on the market. If your favourite isn’t on the list, you can nominate and vote for it here.   

2015 Pinshape Awards best design sotftware








Top 3D News Site

The top 3D news site is the one that always has the scoop on the newest 3D printing technology and stories.  Vote for your go-to 3D news source! 

2015 Pinshape Awards top 3d printing news site

3D Printing Industry



 Best Slicer Program

Here are some of the most popular slicer programs on the market – vote for your favourite.  You can also nominate one that’s not on our list here.  

2015 Pinshape Awards best slicer program 


Makerbot Desktop





Top Maker

These nominees are contributing to the Pinshape community by uploading their prints and even putting notes on what settings they used and how they found the experience of printing the design. Vote for your favourite Maker here!

2015 Pinshape Awards top maker


Check out their profiles to see more of their work: 


Dan Steele 

Dr. Zeus

Jordan Hackney

Kym Watts

Top Designer 

These designers have all impressed us with their designs that are both technical and creative! You’ve seen them on one of our Designer of the Month feature – now you can vote them for Top Designer of the year! 

2015 Pinshape Awards top designer


Check out their profiles to see more of their work: 

J Wall 




Daniel Noree

Louise Driggers




Tanya Wiesner



Don’t see your favourite here? We’ve also got a People’s Choice where you can vote for someone who wasn’t nominated.  


A very special thank-you to every designer and maker on Pinshape who contributes to our community.  For those who weren’t nominated, we’d like to add that we love you too! Keep designing, keep printing, and we will have our eyes on you for next year’s Pinshape Awards! 

** Voting ends Dec 31st** 



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