Pinshape Featured Designs – April 27th

Pinshape Featured Designs – April 27th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find models that leverage dual-extrusion printers as well as functional retro-gaming assemblies! Check out this week’s featured tutorial to learn how to paint your 3D printed parts like a pro. 

D20 inside icosahedron by Adafruit 

Adafruit has created this D20 dice nested inside an icosahedron to test the capabilities of water soluble filament. Technically, this could be done on a single extrusion machine, but removing the supports is likely to test your patience. 

Gecko Apple Watch Charger by Mike Barber 

Tired of your apple watch charger continuing to slip away from where it was placed? This Gecko case adds a bit of style to your watch charger and holds it firmly in place to prevent slipping. 

Ocarino “Waiwen” 4 Holes by Sonia Verdu

Sonia Verdu did an incredible job transforming these forest spirits inspired by the movie ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ into a functional ocarinas. Check out the design page to learn how these are played and to make your own. 

Crypto Coasters and Caddy by John_Is_Hooked 

The volatility of the crypto-currency markets can sometimes cause heavy losses which are best compensated for with a strong drink. Print these coasters so that they’re ready to go during the next crash!
Lama Loot by ilovedoom

Few of us are likely to be fortunate enough to encounter Lama Loot in Fortnite, so take the proactive approach and create your own! This design is best done at 750% scale, and supports are needed for the head. 

GamePi 2 – Portable Emulation Station by araymbox 

Looking for a weekend electronics project? Araymbox’s GamePi 2 is a fully functional emulator that includes the processor, battery, and screen all in one case.


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