Pinshape Featured Designs – August 11th

Pinshape Featured Designs – August 11th

This week’s featured designs show you new post-processing techniques that allow you to easily add color to your printed models using crayons. For models that can’t be colored with crayon, check out our tutorial on the 10 Easy Steps for Painting 3D Printed Parts. If design is more your style, enter into the Avatar Design Contest which has just under 3 weeks remaining to win prizes from Formlabs, Oculus, Pixologic, and Mold3D. 

Contemporary 7-Vase Collection by nerdwarrior

Nerdwarrior has created a set of 7 different modernized vases all of which can be printed directly on your platform with few to no supports. These make for great models to show off different printing materials. 

Experiment with Crayon Coloring by Formlabs 

This newest post by Formlabs shows you how to get a professional colored finish on your models using embossed features and a bit of crayon. Check out the tutorial to learn how to do it yourself. 

First Render – Baymax Still Life! by movieslounge

While this image is a render, movieslounge has included the Baymax model that was used and several more images. Print it out as a movie prop or use it to practice your own rendering prowess. 

Sheikah Pendant – NeoPixel Jewelry with Gemma M0 by Adafruit 

Adafruit’s newest project takes on a Zelda theme and shows you how to create this wearable necklace using NeoPixels and an Adafruit Gemma M0. Check out their tutorial to learn how to make your own!

Randofo-Arduino and Futaba 3003 Version by Julián Caro Linares

This printed Robot uses a simple arrangement of servo motors and arduino electronics to walk on its 4 legs made of pencil sticks. A great introduction to printing, electronics, and programming. 

3D Printed Marble Machine #3 – Original Design by Tulio Laanen 

This Marble Machine is a great way to show off the capabilities of your 3D Printer. For best results, print in multiple materials using a soluble material for the support structures. 


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