Pinshape Featured Designs – August 18th

Pinshape Featured Designs – August 18th

This week, we launched the Proto-pasta Print Contest where we’ll be selecting five winners to receive sample packs of exotic filaments each week for the next two months. Any of this week’s featured designs would make for great entries! If design is more your style, enter into the Avatar Design Contest for the chance to win prizes from Formlabs, Oculus, Mold3D, and Pixologic. 

Birdhouse by Sonia Verdu

We were blown away by this newest Birdhouse design by Sonia Verdu. The design prints entirely without supports and Sonia did an incredible job with the painting and presentation. 

SpaceX Falcon 9 Model Kit by chemteacher628

Commemorate the most recent SpaceX launch with a fully printable Falcon 9 Model. With detailed instructions and multiple components for ease of printing, this makes for a great design to show off! 

Benzene Molecule ball-and-stick model by Makerfy RJ

This Benzene molecule is a great way of displaying both applications of 3D Printing in the classroom and the results of a less common printing process: Binder Jetting. Check out the Pinshape Education Page for more related content!
Future Citizen by ernestas.kupciunas

This is one of our favourite entries into the Character Design Contest so far! Ernestas did a great job with detailing the model and to learn how to produce similar designs yourself, check out The 3 Steps for Creating Your Own Designs Using Sculptris.

Plastic Golem by kpaulsen 

This design is printed directly on the platform and has multiple articulating joints. A great way to dial in your bridging settings and to show off your printer. 

Double Twist Lamp #1 by Birk Binnard 

Vases are great for testing a variety of unique slicer settings. We especially enjoyed Birk’s variation using large 0.4mm layers illuminated by a light on the inside. 


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