Pinshape Featured Designs – February 16th

Pinshape Featured Designs – February 16th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find functional assemblies with moving parts and electronics that would make for great weekend projects. Learn how to scale up your production and fabricate objects out of metal in this week’s tutorial on the basics of casting. 

Modular Wristwatch – 3D Printing Build by adylinn

Instead of purchasing an expensive watch, make your own with adylinn’s modular wrist watch design. Choose from a number of different components to create your own custom model. 

Death Star Wall Lamp by Eolus

Re-visit the death of the.. Death Star with this simple wall lamp assembly. Eolus has modified the design for easy printability and to accommodate an LED GU10 bulb. 

Circuit Playground Sound Box by Adafruit

Customize this simple button and sound box with your own LEDs and audio clips. We’re excited to have Adafruit as a sponsor in the newly launched Game Design Contest that you can check out here!

Leaf Veins System by Arif Sethi

Impress your friends with these deceptively easy-to-print leaf vein designs. These make for great decorations to spice up your wall or function as simple drink coasters. 
Dahlia Inspired Flower by Rose Moore

Rose Moore is back with another incredible flower design. If you missed Valentine’s Day, this is an opportunity to redeem yourself. The base was printed in Proto-pasta’s Twilight Glitter HTPLA and accented with a bit of paint. 

1/10 Scale Working 5 Speed Transmission by dblnaknak

If you’re looking for a challenge, try out this working 1/10th scale motor design that was remixed by dblnaknak. This makes use of 30+ components but the end result is well worth it. 


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