Pinshape Featured Designs – February 17th

Pinshape Featured Designs – February 17th

We’ve some incredible functional and aesthetic models to feature this week! If you’re looking for more designs, check out the winners of our Filamentone Print Contest. We’ve another print contest coming up soon so give some of these a try and upload your results. 

Woman and Dragon by Sonia Verdu

We enjoyed printing this impressive sculpt by Sonia Verdu on the Form 2 in the new Matte Grey Resin. Give it a try if you’re looking to push the boundaries of your machine. 

Yet ANOTHER Machine Vise by TheGoofy

TheGoofy has some of the most impressive 3D Printed Mechanical designs on Pinshape so check him out if you haven’t already. This vise is both fully printed and fully functional. 

Stand for Pencils and Pens by SAI99

This clever variation on a typical pencil holder is both easy to print and assemble. Print the two parts flat on your build platform and assemble together. SAI99 created the black tip with a bit of sharpie. 

Flower by Desktop Makes

This flower was cleverly designed with impossibly (for most) steep overhangs. The filament curves up and produces a drooping effect that makes for great flower pedals. 

OpenRC F1 2017 Updates by Daniel Noree

This update improves the already impressive OpenRC F1 car by Daniel Noree. He’s made some changes to the body and created a number of improvements for things like the wheels and gears. 

BLE MIDI Controller with Capacitive Touch Pads by Adafruit

The newest project by Adafruit allows you to create a fully functional MIDI Control with full bluetooth functionality and lots of colorful lighting. Check out the full tutorial here!

That’s all for this week! Check out our Character Modelling Contest with the Form 2 as top prize.