Pinshape Featured Designs – February 23rd

Pinshape Featured Designs – February 23rd

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find entries into the newly launched Game Design Contest as well as functional models that incorporate moving parts. Learn how to make your prints stand out with this week’s tutorial on making optically clear parts. 

Star Wars Rose’s Rebel Alliance Iris Ring by potentprintables

This Star Wars Ring packs an impressive functional iris into a small form factor. All that’s needed for assemble is a few M1 screws, and potentprintables has included a full tutorial video. 

Elephant by BQ 3D

We’re excited to be partnering with BQ 3D in the recently launched Game Design Contest! This elephant design makes for a quick and simple print that will test your layer cooling towards the top. 

Wire Spool Holder Carousel by Adafruit

This design is great for those makers that like to work with electronics. Organize your mini wire spools on a simple carousel that Adafruit has designed to spin freely. 

Blade of Woe by Devin Gentner 

Devin did a great job with this rendition of the Blade of Woe from The Elder Scrolls IV. We especially like the use of low-poly faceting and the filament used for the handle. 
Harry Potter Time Turner by potentprintables

If potentprintables moving Iris Ring wasn’t enough, try out this Time Turner that rotates freely on a gimbal. This one requires a few additional supplies, but potentprintables has included a tutorial to guide you along the way. 

ColorFabb Economy Spool Holder by  D3 V!rum 3t M^ch!n^

While this spool holder might be designed for ColorFabb’s economy spools, it will work with a variety of different materials. A full print settings and material list is included so you can make your own!


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