Pinshape Featured Designs – February 9th

Pinshape Featured Designs – February 9th

Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and in this week’s featured designs you’ll find a number of models that make for great decorations or gifts. Learn about today’s most popular manufacturing processes in this week’s tutorial on the Top 5 Tools for Your Makerspace.

Cracked! (Plato’s Egg) puzzle by Richard Gain

Looking for a way to occupy children (or adults) during the holidays? This puzzle makes for a simple print that’s deceptively challenging to assemble together. 

Maz’s Flower by Rose Moore

Roses are fairly restricted in color options and start to wither within a week. Right these wrongs by 3D printing your flowers this Valentine’s Day. Proto-pasta has a glitter filament line that would be great for this!

Circuit Cookie Roller by Adafruit

Heart cookies have become a bit cliche, and it’s time to change things up with these circuit themed rollers by Adafruit. Keep bio-compatibility in mind while using these!

Cali Dog – The Calibration Dog by kikiconnected

3DBenchy has been around since the beginning of the hobbyist 3D printing revolution. Diversify your calibration tests with this simple Cali Dog by kikiconnected!
Geometric Heart Key Ring by cancore3D

Looking for a last minute gift that will print quickly and easily? These Heart Key Rings by cancore3D will be finished in minutes, and can be used for a variety of applications. 

Earrings Heart by catf3d

Make your gift truly unique by 3D printing these Heart Earrings by catf3d. Small designs like these are best printed using an SLA printer like the Formlabs Form 2, and can be transformed into metal parts with their Castable Resin. 


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