Pinshape Featured Designs – July 6th

Pinshape Featured Designs – July 6th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find several functional models that would look great with a splash of color. Learn the 6 top techniques for adding color to your prints in this week’s featured blog post!

Surprise Egg #1 – Tiny Haul Truck by agepbiz 

Agepbiz is a master of articulation with their Surprise Egg #1 design which features points of articulation on both the egg and haul truck. This is a great design for dialing in your printer’s settings. 

Sqwidums Six Inch Super Fig by Marco Valenzuela 

Marco did a great job with both the design and presentation of this Sqwidums Super Fig design. 

Crocodile Skull with Independent Jaw by Marco Valenzuela 

Many of you have likely seen the two-part T-rex skull design, and Marco is changing it up with this crocodile skull. This is split into two pieces for ease of printing and assembly. 
Gir Speakers by jobsmolders 

This design by jobsmolders cleverly hides the speaker drivers inside Gir’s head so that you can surprise unsuspecting guests. Make sure you size the components to fit your specific speakers!
501st Armor Tote Empire Cog by Myrlin 

This 501st Armor Tote Empire Cog makes for a great coaster or add-on to your projects. Use this to calibrate your printer’s first layer, and see how fast you can make it! 

Tank Style Tow Hook (Shackle) by jerrycon 

This Tank Style Tow Hook is great for testing out the strength of your 3D printing materials. It might be best to test this on smaller parts instead of using it to tow a trailer unless you have access to a metal printer



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