Pinshape Featured Designs – June 1st

Pinshape Featured Designs – June 1st

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find a number of minifigs and props from popular movies and TV shows. Check out this week’s tutorial on Painting Your 3D Printed Parts like a Pro to add a bit of flair to any of these designs. 

Mini Thanos – Avengers Infinity War by Vedran Marjanovic

Thanos is a lot less intimidating in this miniaturized form by Vedran Marjanovic. This makes for a quick print, and if you’re into this model, check out the rest of Vedran’s collection of minifigs!

BatMobile – Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Model by bramesh501

Bramesh did an excellent job recreating the BatMobile from ‘Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice’. This is split into multiple pieces for ease of printing but might need to be scaled down to fit on common print beds. 

Deadpool Bust by Eastman 

Eastman did a great job both with the design and post-processing of this Deadpool Bust. 

Puffy Vehicles – Flying DeLorean from Back to the Future by Vedran Marjanovic

Previously we’ve featured low-poly versions of real cars, and we’re changing it up a bit with this Flying DeLorean model. This makes for a quick and easy print that looks great when mounted on the included stand. 
Chubby Captain America by Huanksta

Captain America opted to let himself go a bit shortly after emerging from ice. Huanksta did a great job with this design, and you can learn how to add a bit of color in this tutorial on painting your parts like a pro. 

Man of Steel Bust by Eastman 

True to form, Eastman created an incredible metal finish on this Man of Steel Bust. Check out this tutorial to learn techniques for printing and finishing metal-filled materials. 


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