Pinshape Featured Designs – March 17th

Pinshape Featured Designs – March 17th

We recently launched a new contest with MakerGeeks were you can win premium Crystal Series PLA. This week’s featured designs are great for showing off your printing and finishing prowess and would make for excellent contest entries. 

Clementine by gokcen_yuksek

Clementine won first place in our Character Design Contest and took home the Formlabs Form 2 as top prize! This design is impressively detailed and comes with a number of different configurations that you can mix and match. 

Volkswagen Golf GTI – Low Poly Miniature by FLOWALISTIK

The “you wouldn’t download a car” joke might have been a little overused by the 3D Printing industry so I’ll refrain myself. This is designed to only require supports on the underside of the car and here’s to hoping we see more low-poly models from FLOWALISTIK!

Cubone Parts by jakemisra

This Cubone design is split into multiple parts so that it can be printed at ‘full-size’. Check out Jake’s video where he shows you how to assembly and post-process your own! 

LCD Glasses by Adafruit

This stylish weekend project by Adafruit allows you to make your own dimmable sunglasses. They make use of an LCD screen with an adjustable tint for a variety of different lighting conditions. 

Atom Fidget Spinner by Oeve

Fidget spinners continue to account for an impressive number of new uploads to the site and we especially enjoyed this atomic design by Oeve. Insert a bearing into the center and enjoy hours of entertainment. 

Animal Ring Collection – Dual Extrusion Version by FLOWALISTIK

These rings by FLOWALISTIK can be printed on single and dual-extrusion printers alike. They make for easy prints and quick gifts for kids in a pinch. 

That’s all for this week! Stay tuned for an exciting new design contest and check out Pinshape for more great designs.


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