Pinshape Featured Designs – March 23rd

Pinshape Featured Designs – March 23rd

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find a number of functional assemblies and multi-colored models. Check out this week’s blog post to learn all of the steps for painting your 3D printed parts from start to finish. 

Legend of Zelda: Zora Link’s Guitar by Inhuman_Species

Inhuman Species did an incredible job on this Zora Link’s Guitar design which is highly detailed and split into multiple components for ease of printing and assembly. 

USB Foot Switch by Adafruit 

In this project, Adafruit teaches you how to create a functional USB foot switch that can be bound to any key or macro you’d like. Check out their tutorial to learn how to make your own. 

Schrodinky! Cat in a Box Multi-Part Multi-Extrusion by Louise Driggers

This new release by Louise Driggers is a remix of her earlier cat-in-a-box models. She did a great job with designing this for multi-extrusion, and also created a version for single-extrusion printers. 

3D Printed Kant Twist Clamp by 3DPRINTINGWORLD

3DPrintingWorld’s created this design to be 100% printable and highly functional. Each of the parts are designed for ease of printing, and work best with strong materials like PETG or ABS. 
Brougham Carriage by Oleg 

Oleg sectioned this design into multiple pieces so that you can print it easily and use multiple colors. Check out this week’s tutorial and practice your painting on this model! 

Caged Tetrahedron Puzzle by mtairymd

This caged tetrahedron puzzle looks deceptively easy but can be a challenge for those less geometrically inclined. Print this out and test your skills by removing the tetrahedron from the center. 


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