Pinshape Featured Designs – May 11th

Pinshape Featured Designs – May 11th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find models that are great for showing off your printer’s quality as well as a great last-minute Mother’s Day Gift! Trying to determine which 3D printing technology is best for you? Check out this week’s featured tutorial on the differences between FDM and SLA. 

Lycanthrope by frkviloria

This is frkviloria’s first design on the site, and they did a great job with the detailing on this Lycanthrope model. 

Raspberry Pi Airplay BoomBox by Adafruit

Adafruit did an incredible job with the design and assembly of this Raspberry Pi Zero W powered BoomBox.

Classic Transport Truck No Support by Reza_Aulia

Each of the components in Reza’s Classic Transport truck are bundled together and optimized for printing flat on the build platform without supports. This is a great model for showing off your printer and can be assembled without any additional nuts and bolts. 

Mother’s Day Sculpture by MakePrintable

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and you’re about out of time to have a gift shipped. Fire up your 3D printer and make this Mother’s Day Sculpture by MakePrintable as a backup!
Stormbreaker New Thor Hammer/Axe from Infinity War by fito_pin

The newest Avengers movie includes a number of costume and prop changes; this Thor’s Hammer re-design among them. While this is a paid model, Fito Pin did a great job with all of the detailing.

IoT Smart Wallet (with Firebeetle ESP32 and Arduino IDE) by igorF2

Digital Currencies like Bitcoin tend to be more volatile than their fiat counterparts, and it can be difficult to determine how much your digital assets are worth. This smart wallet includes slots for cash and cards, and will also track the value of your digital assets in real-time!



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