Pinshape Featured Designs – September 15th

Pinshape Featured Designs – September 15th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find props and models from your favorite TV shows and video games as well as several functional designs. Print any of these out and enter into the Proto-pasta Print Contest where you can win exotic and unreleased filaments. 

Pinecone/Pineapple Inspired Flower Vases by Tanner

This pineapple planter was designed as a great test for your overhangs and prints directly on the Formlabs Form 2 platform without supports. All it needs now is an accompanying lid!

Borealis 03 Sniper from Destiny 2 by jakemisra 

To celebrate the launch of Destiny 2, Jake Misra designed and assembled this full sized Borealis Sniper. All of the design files and schematics are included so check out his video where you can learn how to make your own. 

Glowing Master Sword tomsmithchef

Tom remixed this Zelda Sword  to print in multiple components on his CR-10 3D Printer. With just 5 prints, Tom was able to create this full sized Master Sword complete with electronics on the inside. 

Game of Thrones Frey Marker Reproduction by fabio_rizzeo

While House Frey may not be among the most liked factions in Game of Thrones, there’s something to be said for the strength of their fortress. Try this out in one of the Proto-pasta’s metal filled filaments! 

BusinessCard/Pen/USB/SD/MicroSD Holder by Bernard Brits

Bernard did a great job with the renders on this multi-holder for your desk. A remix of this design by Helder L. Santos with added compartments for USB sticks and business cards!

DIY Suit Case Parts by jobsmolders 

For those especially committed to the DIY movement, jobsmolders has included the primary components you need to create your own suitcase. This is also useful for testing out different 3D printed hinge designs. 


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