Pinshape Featured Designs – September 1st

Pinshape Featured Designs – September 1st

This week, we’re featuring functional designs and several of our favourite entries from the Character Design Contest! If making is more your style, enter into the Proto-pasta HTPLA Print Contest to win exotic and unreleased filaments.  

Parametric Pens by Formlabs

Formlabs’ newest upload used a Grasshopper script to parametrically generate 700 unique pen designs which were printed in 7 days. Check out the blog to learn more about the design and printing process. 

Time Traveler by gokcen_yuksek

Gokcen Yuksek was recently our Designer of the Month and we’re excited to see her entry into the Character Design Contest! This model is made of 25 parts and has 3 functional rotating rings. 

The Maker Avatar by Thomas Davis 

We were blown away by the design and rendering prowess employed in this design by Thomas Davis! His work envisions a future where design becomes a more tactile and tangible experience with virtual reality. 

Astronaut Bust by ChewyPixels

ChewyPixels did a great job with detailing this Astronaut Bust, and we especially enjoyed seeing their design printed in White Resin on the Formlabs Form 2. 

LED Acrylic Sign with NeoPixels and Circuit Python by Adafruit 

This newest project by Adafruit uses engraved Acrylic and NeoPixels to make a custom sign, and they’ve included a tutorial so that you can make your own! 

Whirlwind the Sloth Wind Mage by gauji

Whirlwind the Sloth Mage is the righteous protector of the jungle who embodies stoicism and resilience. Gauji has designed this in multiple components so that it can be printed on most machines with multiple materials! 


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