Pinshape Featured Designs – September 22nd

Pinshape Featured Designs – September 22nd

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find a number of functional models and props from top games! Print any of these out and enter into the Proto-pasta Print Contest where you can win exotic and unreleased filaments. 

Destiny 2 Sun Shot by odd works 

We were blown away by odd works’ recreation of Sun Shot from the game Destiny. They did a great job with the design which includes a number of moving components as well as with the post-processing. 

Pop Out Baskets by JMP

Both of these baskets are designed to print directly on the platform with no supports required. After printing, the handle on the basket features a functional hinge and the concentric rings raise into a full pot. 

Modular Hex Drawers by O3D

These modular hex drawers have long been a favourite of the 3D printing community. Print as many as you’d like and adhere them together with the included mechanism. 

Low Poly Rhinoceros by FORMBYTE

After a brief hiatus, we’re excited to see this newest design by FORMBYTE. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out some of their other low-poly designs. 

Lines bow tie by roman.prints 

Need a bow tie in a pinch? Print out this design by roman.prints and save a bit of time as we both know that you don’t know how to tie a bow tie properly anyways. 

Dragon Clock by JMP

JMP did an incredible job detailing this Dragon Clock design. The design is split into a number of different components for ease of printing and assembly. 


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