Pinshape Featured Designs – September 8th

Pinshape Featured Designs – September 8th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find a number of great printing and electronics projects to spice up your living spice as well as functional and aesthetic models. Win exotic materials for your next project by entering your prints into the Proto-pasta Print Contest where we’ll be selecting 5 winners each week. 

DIY Projector Dock for Nintendo Switch by Adafruit 

Follow along with this project by Adafruit to turn your Nintendo Switch into a fully mobile projector. Ditch the TV and play on a larger screen by pointing your projector at any suitable wall. 

Speaker Eggs – 3D Printing Build by adylinn

Adylinn designed and printed these incredible and fully functional Speaker Eggs. Make sure to check out the design page where you can learn how to make your own. 

DIY Filament Dryer by MarkM 

MarkM couldn’t have posted this filament dryer at a better time as last week we did a tutorial on How to 3D Print with Nylon. Ditch the oven and assemble one of Mark’s units instead to reliably dry your filament.  
Squizzle! A No Supports Squirrel Sculpt by Louise Driggers 

Louise Driggers’ newest design, Squizzle, is a squirrel that prints entirely without support structures. A great model to benchmark your printer and test out new materials! 

Avatar – Warrior Artist by Samantha Bean

The judges are hard at work selecting the winners from the Avatar Design Contest and the results will be posted next week! Samantha Bean’s Avatar – Warrior Artists was among our favourite entries. 

Pen Holder – Portalapices by Format3D

Spice up your desk with this functional pen and pencil holder. Format3D did a great job with painting to achieve the final finish and you can learn everything you need to know for painting 3D printed parts here! 


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