Pinshape’s Featured Designs! – August 5th

Pinshape’s Featured Designs! – August 5th

If you’re looking for a design to print for the Mitus Print Contest, we’ve got some great featured designs this week! Get printing and show off a bit to win yourself a roll of PLA filament. 

Articulated Small Kitten and Dinosaur by Sonia Verdu

Sonia Verdu is our Designer of the Month (DOTM) for August and she made these awesome tea holders for her blog article on designing articulated models. I’m not entirely sure what keyed her in to my relative obsession (we’re talking 6 cups a day) with tea but it’s certainly a good way to get featured! 


Turbine Engine Model by Respare

Respare did an excellent job with simplifying and designing a fully printable Turbine Engine. We’re really excited to see prints of this and might have to give it a go ourselves. 


Pill Dispenser by bulgakova.tanya

This Pill Dispenser should help a great deal with organization of all your various supplements. Tanya has a one up on me with filament colour variety so I might have a tricky time emulating the rainbow effect. 


EKG Heartbeat Bracelet by Msquare9501

Mixing biology and design makes for some great models and if you’re interested in seeing more similar to this, you might check out Nervous System. Msquare did a great job of turning a simple EKG monitor into a stylish bracelet. 


Cloud Magnetic Key Shelf by Rhodri Armour

I’m impressively savvy at losing my keys so hopefully this cloud holder will reduce the number of days I find myself locked out of my apartment. Stick it to your refrigerator with magnets or attach it to a wall. 


Marvin Planter by Rémi Darcillon

These Marvin planters mix our two favourite things; easy to print designs and succulents. Our office is undergoing an infiltration of mini cacti. 


Iphone 6/6S dual dock by Rémi Darcillon

I’m more of an Android guy myself but can appreciate this great dock by Rémi. Designed to accommodate both the Iphone 6 and 6S individually or simultaneously! 


That’s it for this week! Make sure to check out Sonia’s blog post on designing articulated models as inspiration for our Within Reach Design Contest. Until next time, happy printing! 


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