Pinshape’s Featured Designs – Halloween Edition

Pinshape’s Featured Designs – Halloween Edition

Halloween is coming up so we’re doing a special edition of our featured designs. Use these as inspiration for your costume or as ideas for our newly launched Cosplay Design Contest where you can win the recently announced Ultimaker 3. 

Cat Armor by Print That Thing

Pet’s don’t get enough attention on Halloween and can’t participate in the festivities. Right that wrong by printing this Cat Armor and make your feline the most fearsome of them all. 

Graphica: MEGA Ghost by 3DKitbash

3DKitbash is known for designs that print and place and have moving parts and this MEGA Ghost is no exception. He prints without supports and the tongue extends an impressive amount to make for a great desk ornament.

Dual Action Wolverine Claws by Sitherus

These wolverine claws print easily and fully extend. Sitherus remixed an earlier designs to make the claws larger and extend further. Make a pair in a metal-filled material and use our finishing guide

3D Printed Unicorn Horn by Adafruit

Forgot a costume this year? Fear not, this unicorn horn prints in a few hours and sews easily to a hat or hoodie. This looks especially neat with glow in the dark filament and Adafruit has a version that accommodates an LED on the inside. 

Wearable Stormtrooper EP7 Helmet by ducampv

If you’re feeling bold, give this Wearable Stormtrooper Helmet from Episode 7 a print. It makes for quite the undertaking with 18 different files but some of the results we’ve seen look incredible. 

LED Dinosaur Costume by Pinshape 

Yes, we plugged our own design from the Dinosaur Costume Blog and no we don’t feel much shame. Light up the night with color changing, flexible dinosaur spikes and learn a bit about electronics and programming along the way!  

That’s all for this week. Make sure to upload your printed costumes as entries into our eSUN Print Contest!


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