Pinshape’s Featured Designs! – July 29th

Pinshape’s Featured Designs! – July 29th

If you’re looking for some neat print ideas for our new Mitus Print Contest , we’ve got some great featured designs this week for you to check out.  

Pokeball Aimer by Jcach

This design reached the top of our trending designs overnight and I can understand why. I’m not entirely convinced that it’s physically possible to throw pokeballs straight though here’s to hoping this designs proves me wrong.


Dragon by imlab

Imlab has uploaded a number of excellent designs this week many of which come with the support structures built in. This one is no exception and we’re excited to see how much of the detail we can emulate. Pictures to come!


“dumdum” by Mao

Mao has consistently made some of our favourite multi-part designs (usually focusing on vehicles) and this one is no exception. It prints in multiple pieces and can be easily assembled together. Getting fancy with wood filaments might make for some awesome print contest entries.


Elemental Village – Earth Dwelling by Grippy 

If you love to 3D print your own tabletop games, check out this elemental village earth dwelling design by Grippy. It even comes with a paint guide to give you some inspiration for post processing.


Beer Bottle Locks by edditive 

This is an awesome concept though I’m not entirely convinced of its efficacy. You might need to give it a go in one of the stronger filaments like polycarbonate to keep out the more determined assailants.


Pokemon Go Dog Sitter by johnathan9986

I’ve seen a number of absurd creations for getting eggs to hatch in pokemon go. Some of my favourites have been flying drones and time spent recreationally on public transport. This should make for another great method though I’m not sure a bulldog would be my steed of choice.


Holy Grail for Monty Python’s Spamalot by dustylavendar

Dustylavender printed this sweet holy grail for a local theater company for their upcoming production, Spamalot. He also made a 19” version which was 30 parts and took over 30 hours to print (wow!). He’s created a smaller version and made a tutorial on how he finished it.

That’s it for this week! If you’re interested in 3D printing any of these with metal filament, be sure to check out our blog on creating aged and polished effects with metal filament. Don’t forget to snap a pic and upload it to Pinshape to automatically enter to win 1 of 30 rolls of Mitus Filament. Happy Printing! .  


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