Pinshape’s Featured Designs – November 18th

Pinshape’s Featured Designs – November 18th

The Pinshape Community uploaded some incredible designs this week! Give any of them a print for the chance to win Algae based filament and a license to Simplify3D in our newly launched Algix3D Print Contest.

Boba Fett & Han in Carbonite by Getxoblues

This Boba Fett miniature is designed to print in multiple pieces and easily assemble together. Get creative with colors and make your own!


Dice Tower by charliedrums

This Dice Tower makes for a challenging print that’s well worth it. Get your layer cooling dialed in and use it to show off your printer!


Low Poly Spoon Rest by barb_3dprintny

This spoon rest makes a great print for upcoming Thanksgiving festivities! Her simple design makes for a simple and highly functional print. 


Bat Beagle Mask by Doodle_Monkey

Finally a rival to the popular Cat Armor by Print That Thing emerges! Outfit your dog with this Bat Beagle Mask and let it rule the night (for better or worse).


How Wheels GoPro Car by Adafruit

Adafruit always does an excellent job with photography and you should check out their profile if you haven’t already. We’ll expect GIFs and video in their future with this GoPro Car. 


Snorlax by anthony_lu

Anthony did an awesome job with this Snorlax and has many similar designs on his profile! This design prints in multiple pieces and assembles together so you can choose your colors. 

That’s all for this week. Check out this week’s blog on 3D Printing Large Objects for more great designs!


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