Pinshape’s Featured Designs – November 4th

Pinshape’s Featured Designs – November 4th

This week’s featured designs push the limits of 3D printing in some incredible ways. Use them as inspiration for our Cosplay Design Contest where you can win the new Ultimaker 3!

Harley Quinn Handgun by seanna_evans

This full replica of the Harley Quinn revolver quickly became the highest trending model on Pinshape! Seanna designed it in multiple pieces so that it could be easily printed and assembled together.


Super Flowers by peetersm

These flowers make use of one of the more challenging parts of 3D printing – overhangs. They’re intentionally designed to print over empty space to create the pedals. Peetersm has a number of other awesome designs on his profile using the same effect. 


LED Chair by Adafruit

This incredible LED Chair is impressively easy to put together and makes use of Adafruit’s NeoPixel rings and a feather board. It’s fully bluetooth enabled and easily supports up to 200 pounds. 


Sugar Skull by Carmelo Nazario

Carmelo designed this just in time for Day of the Dead and it came out great on our Form 2! If you need a fearsome skull to protect your desk from thieves, look no further. 


OpenRC Tractor Trailer by makit

Our Designer of the Month makit, released a few awesome add-ons for the OpenRC Tractor including this trailer and a motor mod. Make sure to check out his post on specific applications of 3D printing in education


Low-Poly Pikachu – Multi and Dual Extrusion by FLOWALISTIK

Flowalistik’s Low-Poly Pokemon are the most popular models on most all of the 3d printing repositories. Check out this new version that makes use of Dual Extrusion just in time for the release of the Ultimaker 3!



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