Pinshape’s Featured Designs of the Week!

Pinshape’s Featured Designs of the Week!

Here at Pinshape, we’re changing it up a bit and going to be featuring the neatest new designs on the platform each week. We’ll certainly be mixing in some of our favorite past designs as well. I hear there’s a print contest coming up next week so give these a go and get ready to upload your prints!


RC-Car by 3DIN

3DIN made this awesome, fully functional RC car. They’ve included a full build guide and even created an android app to control it. We really ought to have used a tougher material to print in as it didn’t survive terribly long with my driving. 


Sqweeb by tanya Wiesner

Tanya has a number of incredible designs on Pinshape and you should definitely check her out. This is a great example of the sort of prints full color machines can produce. We thought Sqweeb was sort of adorable and printed him in a flexible material so that he could be squished. 


Gyroscopic City Scape with Window by Step Cia

This design takes print-in-place gyroscopes to the next level. Give it a whirl (I try my best with these puns) to see the cityscape from all sides!


Star Wars TIE Fighter by 3DFactory Brasil

3DFactory Brasil has a number of awesome colored or painted models. This tie fighter prints in multiple pieces so get creative with the coloring and be sure to upload some pictures of your prints!


3D Printed Exoskeleten Legs & Feet by Alex Czech

Alex is on his way to making a full human exoskeleton. He’s already posted up arms, hands, legs, and feet and we’re excited to see what’s next. You’ll need a full exoskeleton to fend off the infestation of his bugbots


3DNA Penny Board by fntsmn

Now I’m rubbish at skateboarding but this 3D printable penny board by fntsmn is looking pretty incredible. He’s certainly motivated me to print one out though it may be best that I keep it as an art piece. 


Cablewinder: Small by bchan

This Cablewinder was made by our Designer of the Month bchan! The recent Amazon prime day left a bunch of us in need of a headphone holder and these fit the bill. Those that are particularly daring can have a go at printing this without supports. 

 Each of these would theoretically make great entries for the filament contest that we may or may not be launching next week so get printing! In the mean time, make sure to enter into our Within Reach Design Challenge.  


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