Pinshape’s Top 20 3D Christmas Designs of 2015!

Pinshape’s Top 20 3D Christmas Designs of 2015!

One of the best parts of the holidays is dressing up your house with decorations while listening to your favourite holiday tunes! With the holiday season in full swing, we thought we’d round up the Top 20 3D Christmas designs on Pinshape that will give you some decorative inspiration. 


Top 20 3D Christmas Designs on Pinshape


1)  Articulated Christmas Toys by BQ

3d christmas design elf and santa

The three different figurines can be printed at once with small supports for the elf’s head. To get the colouring details, paint them during your post processing with acrylic paints like BQ did! 


2) Christmas tree lamp by toolmoon

3d christmas design tree lamp

Even if you don’t use this Christmas Tree with a lamp underneath, the design is still awesome for a decoration or ornament.  If you do want to venture out into the land of lamps, toolmoon created a tBulb assembly video


3) Boxing Santa – Marionette Puppet by J Wall 

3d christmas design santa marionette

J Wall never fails to impress with his creative designs.  This santa marionette is no exception and makes for a great addition to any Christmas tree! If you’ve ever wondered if Santa is a good dancer, check out him doing the whip and nae nae in J Wall’s video below.



4) STORM FLAKE christmas decoration by FORGE 3D

3d christmas design stormtrooper snowflakeIf you love Star Wars and you’re excited for the release of the new movie on Dec 18, this stormflake design is perfect for you. The design is also simple to print so a good one to try for any level of maker!


5) My little Christmas tree by atom3dp

3d christmas design christmas tree

This little Christmas tree has some character! Print out a few different face options and colour the ball decorations with paint to get a fully decorated tree print! 


6) Christmas Nutcracker from Dream 3D by louis

3d christmas design nutcracker

This nutcracker is beautifully designed and can be printed without supports. We printed it in the Pinshape office this week and created a timelapse video! 



 7) Person Bank – Santa by Eunny

3d christmas design santa piggy bank

All you need is a 3D printer and some red shoelaces and you have a great decoration that doubles as a mini piggy bank! See the assembly in Eunny’s video.



8) Modern Mistletoe by barb_3dprintny

3d christmas design mistletoe

This design was printed with Ninjaflex flexible filament and has a divider to keep the berries and leaves separated to give you the perfect looking mistletoe! 


9) Christmas Flower Jewel by Louise Driggers

3d christmas design  flower

You can print this beautiful flower decoration in two parts with different colours to give a layered look. Put a jewel in the middle and you’ve got a gorgeous flower ornament. 


10) Christmas Presents by 3DBrooklyn

3d christmas design presents

These decorative 3D printed christmas gifts are hollow inside so you can hide your christmas candy under them! There are three different gift designs to choose from, or you can print all three.


11) Dreidel (Hanukkah Toy) by Dutchmogul


3d christmas design dreidel

Hannkkah  passed but this toy dreidel design is great for getting together with your family for a fun game of dreidel over the holidays!  


12) Tree Ornament Hooks by MakeALot

3d christmas design hooks

We’ve been going over a lot of different christmas ornament ideas but what if you don’t have anything to hang them with? MakeALot has you covered with these ornament hooks. 


13) Christmas decorations by bulgakova.tanya

3d christmas design ornaments

These Christmas decorations look good in all colour filaments and are simple to print! You could hang them on the tree or in your window to give your house a holiday look. 


14) Last Supper Holiday Egg by richard_swika

3d christmas design egg

This egg depicts the scene from Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Last Supper”.  Richard printed this without support or infill in about 2 ½ hours with 0.2 mm layers.  


15) Gyroscopic Snowflake by roman_hegglin

3d christmas design snowflake

This beautiful snowflake comes in three different sizes! If it’s not snowing outside this decoration is sure to bring the feeling of a white Christmas to your home. 


16) Merry Christmas Banner by shookdesign


3d christmas design  banner

A classic Christmas design that is great to hang over the fireplace. Each letter has a hole so you can string them together.


17) 3d xmas tree mini ornaments 4 set by Loki Laufeysen

3d christmas design mini trees

These Christmas tree designs are simple but make a great print! Try printing them with Ninjaflex to get a more flexible feel. 


18) Christmas house blocks by Pierce Ferriter

3d christmas design house blocks

These miniature houses can be printed without support and with minimal material. Pierce experimented with different infills and says the hollow blocks with the letter embossed in on the front seems to be the easiest to print.


19) Reindog Ornament by christina

3d christmas design reindog

No need to dress up your dog this year for Christmas, just print these awesome Reindogs! You can hang them on the tree by looping a wire through loop on the collar. 


20) Snowflake tealight holder for banisters by Gabe
3d christmas design tea light holder

This snowflake tealight holder will give your house a warm Christmas glow! The design includes a hook if you want to put it on your bannister. We suggest using a faux candle if you’re going to put it on your bannister, just-in-case! 


If you print any of these designs be sure to take a picture and share them on social media for our print and share contest to win an Einscan-S 3D scanner ($1,200 value)! 



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