Pinshape’s Top Cosplay Designs!  – March 25th, 2016

Pinshape’s Top Cosplay Designs! – March 25th, 2016

It’s spring, and come summer, comic conventions will start their scheduled events! To give you a head start on thinking about and maybe even making your cosplays, the Pinshape staff chose some of their favorite cosplay designs to share with you. 

Planning to go to a comic-con? Which one? And who/what are you going as? 


laurenLauren’s Pick 

Content Manager 
Wannabe Superhero


Harley Quinn’s Revolver from Suicide Squad by pyos3d

Fun fact— I was actually in Toronto last summer when they were filming parts of Suicide Squad and I managed to sneak a peek while they were filming a few scenes! I never did see this prop gun on set but this 3D printed version of the Harley Quinn revolver is crazy good! I love the post processing job. Great work by pyos3d!


lucas_sillyLucas’ Pick



Modified big hands Wolverine Claws Dual action by Sitherus

Although he is a beta-level mutant, Wolverine is a leader and with no doubt, someone you should not be messing with. It’s a good lesson on how you don’t have to be the most powerful to leave the biggest impact. This design is modified so it fits people with bigger/longer hands— perfect for me! I suppose it also doesn’t hurt that he’s Canadian, eh?


karenKaren’s Pick

Community Manager
Supernatural Fan

angel blade

Angel Blade by ronagoldberg

I’ve cosplayed Castiel in various occasions, and I remember trying to fashion the Angel Blade out of foam boards. That didn’t work out so well. I love this 3D printable one by Ron and it’s not too much of a hassle to print out and post process! If only I had this several years back. Oh well, looks like it’s time to bring out my Castiel outfit again!


victoria_sillyVictoria’s Pick

UX/UI Designer 
Warrior Princess


The Sword of Power & Sword of Protection by christina

I was thinking a while back how few fantasy heroines there are to choose to dress up as compared to guy heroes. Even on Pinshape there are so many more cosplay props for guys than girls. Well! That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Next to Xena, She-Ra is the coolest warrior princess in my opinion! So, ladies, if you’re looking for ideas for your next cosplay convention, how about dressing up as sexy She-Ra? With these 3D printable He-Man/She-Ra swords, you can get started on your She-Ra or He-Man costume this weekend ? What cool cosplay idea did you find on Pinshape? Tweet ’em @pinshape!


andreAndre’s Pick

Weekend Warrior

spartan helmet

Spartan Helmet 8 Piece Split by CollectorCNC

Become an elite warrior by dressing up as a Spartan warrior with the help of this 3D printed helmet. The helmet is split into 8 pieces in order to make sure you can print a full size helmet with a home printer. Have fun screaming “This is Sparta!” 🙂


jibranJibran’s Pick

SEO Specialist


AK47 from Rust by Sergey Kolesnik

Being the real Q (Yeah I’m the Q behind Q in all those James Bond movies), I’m always interested in the latest and greatest way to bring the bad guys down. This beautiful print caught my attention for several reasons. 1. It’s an AK-47, 2. It’s an AK-47 and 3. It’s an AK-47 :). The AK is quite possibly the most useful weapon ever made. This one is special because it’s from one of my favourite video games (Rust). To print this beauty, you’ll need to print out each of its separate parts and then put them together. Also don’t forget to add a ‘Smiley face’ on the right side (just like in the game). Happy shooting! Hmmm that last part doesn’t sound right . . . *Runs away*.


wojtekWojtek’s Pick

Front-end Developer 
Bruce Wayne

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 3.13.25 PM

Batman Throwing Star by Jason Rich1

There’s that new Batman v. Superman movie coming out today in case you forgot. I’m still not sure how I feel about Ben Affleck playing the role of Batman… but anyway, if you want to dress up as The Dark Knight for the premiere, I’ve got something for you. A true Batman can never succeed without his gadgets and accessories. Luckily, you can print out some of them yourself with your 3D printer! Behold the Batman Throwing Stars by Jason Rich1. Just don’t throw them at children 😉



nick_sillyNick’s Pick

Rebel Pilot


Rebel Pilot / Tie Fighter Pilot – Comm Pad by Chris Milnes

Who HASN’T wanted to be a Rebel Pilot after seeing a Star Wars movie? Now that the franchise has been revived, it’s time for a new generation of fans to get into the spirit and show off their intergalactic piloting skills. If you’re more of a Dark Side fan, print it out in black for a great TIE Fighter costume addition. Either way, this piece will help you add some cool looking gadgetry to your suit.



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