Pinshape’s Top Designs! – April 8th, 2016

Pinshape’s Top Designs! – April 8th, 2016

We’re back again with our favorite designs on Pinshape this week! 

Don’t forget that if you print anything out, we’re launching a new print contest on Monday with MeltInk! You can win yourself a MatterControl T10 controller board, and free filament! Check the contest page on monday for more details. 


laurenLauren’s Pick 

Content Manager 


Batman v. Superman mini screw tool by Declan

I’m doing some spring cleaning and redecorating around my apartment so this screw holder would come in handy! I also love the Batman v. Superman theme – great work by Declan! For those of you wondering about the Batman v Superman contest, we’re working on getting it back on track! Stay tuned.


karenKaren’s Pick

Community Manager
Tired of rogue spools

man holding spool

Man Holding Spool by caitlin_le

You can do better than your current spool holder. Print out your own little man to hold your spools— marvel in his strength; marvel in your own. I mean, after all, you are recruiting tiny men to carry your 3D printing materials. Don’t let all the power get to your head 😉


victoria_sillyVictoria’s Pick

UX/UI Designer 
Bit Kid! 


Robotor by Castomized

Ack! Yet another awesome cute BaxBear-like figurine design I’d love to have on my desktop! When I was a kid I collected stuffed animals. Now that I’m older, I’m into cool figurines. I’m not sure why! I think there’s something in us humans (and some birds) that drives us to collect. What we collect and showcase in our nest is an expression of who we are. And this Robotor IS who I am.. Techy and a bit innocent. Wait. Maybe it’s what I strive to be because I’m not all that techy nor all that innocent ?


wojtekWojtek’s Pick

Front-end Developer 


Avengers Wasp Helmet by Adafruit

I have an exceptionally great design for you this week created by Adafruit. This is some kind of Avengers helmet, but I don’t remember seeing it in Avengers… I’m not that big of a fan. Either way, it looks awesome! If you’re attending Comic Con 2016, this should be on your list of things to print. Really well done!


nick_sillyNick’s Pick

Crime Fighter

TMNT 3d printed

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – TMNT by guvrnor

When I was growing up, I LOVED the Ninja Turtles. They were funny, they knew martial arts, and they loved pizza— pretty much everything that mattered to me as a kid. This low poly version really captures the old-school feel that accompanies my memories of the heroes in a half shell. With a little paint, you’ll be able to create your favorite turtle, or all 4 if you’re really ambitious! Look out Shredder and the Foot Clan, the turtles are coming…


jibranJibran’s Pick

SEO Specialist
Music Boy


Sydney Opera House by dodo2000

I love music and everything that reminds me of it. That’s why this 3D printed Sydney Opera House caught my attention. It’s detailed enough to make Leonardo jealous (Da Vinci and DiCaprio) and small enough to place on your work desk. I believe that we should be surrounded by things that remind us of our true passion so we never forget them. Can I get an AMEN?


andreAndre’s Pick



Easy to print USB/SD holder by 3DEX Ltd

This is another sweet, simple and easy to print design that solves a pain point I’ve experienced. In my desk drawers and table top, you’ll sometimes find USBs or SD Cards scatter around which sometimes I end up losing. 3DEX’s holder seems like a great fit for my desk!


lucas_sillyLucas’ Pick


piston cup trophy

Piston Trophy by CollectorCNC

Whether you need a trophy for a fun weekend of go karting, or you’ve got an RC cars meet, this Piston style trophy is a great monument of victory. Print one out and watch everyone get their game face on so they can keep this great looking keepsake!



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