Pinshape’s Top Designs! – May 13th, 2016

Pinshape’s Top Designs! – May 13th, 2016

This is the last weekend for you to get in your MeltInk contest entries for a chance to win 1 of 30 rolls of filament! The best print also wins a 3D printer controller. Get those submissions in and upload a print ASAP! Contest ends on the 15th. Here’s some ideas for your print!


karenKaren’s Pick

Community Manager
Let’s get organized!


Waverack | Voss Bottle Racking System by Avooq

VOSS water is pretty pricey, so it’d be a waste to just chuck the bottle out when you’re done. Avooq has made this wonderful racking system so that you can upcycle your VOSS bottle to help you get your life more organized! Plus, you can print this out in any color you wish to match your kitchen! I can also imagine this going well in your washroom to store bath salts, lotions and the like. 


lucas_sillyLucas’ Pick

Time’s ticking


Perpetual Desktop Month-Day Calendar by Oliver Bogler

This is an easy to print, handy reminder to keep on your desk. I know I’d be getting one just so I can peer over to it and quickly refresh myself of the date. Print it out once, use it forever. Smart and simple! 


wojtekWojtek’s Pick

Front-end Developer 
Darth Wojtek


Low Poly Darth Vader by FLOWALISTIK

I can’t get enough of these Star Wars designs we have on Pinshape. This week’s favorite is an amazing low-poly Darth Vader figurine by FLOWALISTIK. It simply looks stunning. I love the worn-off brushed look. Takes the design to another level. This is a high quality piece that goes straight to the top of my favorites list. Well done!



nick_sillyNick’s Pick

In a Retro Mood


Geeky 8bit character rubber stamps by charliedrums

These stamps were really well designed, with a removable handle and iconic Mario designs. Not sure what I’d do with them though… Karen said I should start scrapbooking. Looks like I’ll have to start writing more letters to people, old school style.


victoria_sillyVictoria’s Pick

UX/UI Designer 
Organized Human


Assorted bins for the Stanley organizer case by mgx

My 4th grade teacher’s motto was “Keep fit, Have fun!” And she used to say that to all of us before dismissing us for the weekend. My motto is “Keep fit, stay organized!” Because an organized mind is an efficient one ? and I always like to be efficient. And being efficient makes life fun for me. I’m a strange one, I know! So my favorite design this week features compartment bins that suit any box size really! Just do some math to scale these bins to the size you need and voila! Separate your paper clips from your rubber bands, or nails from screws. Whatever! Because I hate digging through junk drawers and miscellaneous boxes just to try to find the thing I need. Stay organized and make your life a less stressful one~ It works for me! ??


andreAndre’s Pick

Looks like you’re writing a letter!!!!! 


Badass Clippy by EnterpriseXD

This is great, nostalgic and hilarious. For those who have been using computers for more than a decade, you might remember our annoying friend Clippy that would assist you when using Microsoft Office. Clippy is back and this time as a “badass” 3D print.



laurenLauren’s Pick 

Content Manager 


Gotham lamp by FLOWALISTIK

I love this simple and elegant lamp design! It prints support free which is always a big plus in my books and there are two different versions of the lamp shade! He also has very detailed instructions on settings for best print – check it out. Great work as always by FLOWALISTIK



jibranJibran’s Pick

SEO Specialist
Bye Bye Rock


Metallica Pendant for a Necklace by Andy Bihlmaier

Okay, I’ll be honest… rock music is dead to me. Yes I said it. I’m too much into EDM now and I’m not going back. However, you can’t forget legends like Metallica, Pantera, Linkin Park (Who I saw live and they were awesome) and tons more. So as my way of officially departing away from Rock music, I would like to pay homage to this once great genre of music by printing this Metallica necklace off. PS: Don’t bother pointing out that it’s for female’s only. Besides, I know I can pull it off 😉 PPS: Before this official departure, I urge you to Youtube Tenacious D – Master Exploder. Bye bye rock. For now…




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That’s it for this week! Which Pinshape design would you have chosen? If you decide to bring these designs to life, we look forward to seeing your uploaded prints! Check back next week for another set of picks from your Pinshape staff, or subscribe to our mailing list to get this delivered to your inbox every Friday! 

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