T-Splines for Rhino3D Tutorial by Dustin Headley

T-Splines for Rhino3D Tutorial by Dustin Headley

Pinshaper Dustin Headley is our finalist for the Shining 3D Fashion Contest! He created the Mashrabiya Bracer, inspired by the traditional Mashrabiya— an architectural screen designed to separate the men and women’s quarters in the Middle East. 

Dustin teaches at the Kansas State University’s Interior Architecture and Product Design Department. We are lucky to have him here to do a tutorial on using T-Splines for Rhino3D to create a 3D printable design. His video also briefly shows the process of how he designed his bracer, as well as explore basic concepts in 3D printing— all in six minutes! 

Watch the video below to pick up a few tips! 


Skip to the below times to quickly get to the content you want: 

0:00-3:15 —Creating the Mashrabiya Bracer

3:16-6:50 —T-Splines for Rhino tutorial



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